Finer Tuning

 June gloom = happy plants = happy gardener

More small tasks as summer heat looms--actually it arrives tomorrow and stays until at least Sunday.    

Trachelium seedlings moved here and there, to fill empty spaces.  Sun protection to reduce transplant shock.  Rabbit protection mandatory.

The inexpensive own-root  'Iceberg' rose planted by the urn fountain two or three years ago was in terrible shape.  Embarrassing shape.  Cringe-worthy.  A glance would prompt the question, "You call yourself a gardener?"   

After pulling the dying sweet peas in the tuteur bed, I moved the rose there.  The soil in the bed is excellent and the rose may recover.  Zinnia seedlings in a row under screening have their first true leaves.  (They need thinning.) If they can grow large enough they will be a focal point visible from the front gate.  'Iceberg' flowers would do the same. 

Sorry, little rose! 

After digging and adding better soil, an inexpensive 4" copy of Salvia 'Mystic Spires' went into Sad Iceberg's old spot.   

Salvia planted. A pot in which to hide the hose might be nice, too:

I moved some of the Benary's Giant Zinnia seedlings and planted more of the seeds.  One of this year's  seed-growing experiments.  Two 4x4 squares of nine Zinnia plants each.  One square also has a corner for very small Dahlia tubers that sprouted--left-behinds from moved clumps.  Another experiment to develop gardening expertise.  Perhaps they'll grow enough to be viable tuber clumps for next year.   

Speaking of Dahlias,  moving the potted ones and a couple other plants around to fill spaces or jazz up areas needing jazzed up come summer.  This involves a lot of trying, looking, looking again, trying something else...

"X" marks the empty spot:   

This one?  Leave it in the pot?  Or plant it? 

No, not the 'More Silver' there.  Blue pot is nice, but plant  doesn't show up well against Hydrangea foliage:

What about the Dahlia in the ground and the Alstroemeria 'Indian Summer' in the pot?  There's orange and coral in this area: Abutilon, Fuchsia, Begonia, Cuphea, Gaillardia.  I hesitate to plant 'Indian Summer' in the ground--they spread who knows how far. 
Move this volunteer Gaillardia there instead of the Dahlia?  The volunteer is too large for where it is. 

The Gaillardia looks good with 'Indian Summer'. 

Moved the Gaillardia.  In this case the wire cylinder acts a support for shade cloth to help the plant recover from being moved.  Rabbits do not eat Gaillardia here.  They also ignore Ageratum (so far), which is growing nicely.

Agapanthus 'Prunetucky Summer', purchased out of bloom last Spring, has flowered here for the first time:
Its blue matches the Ageratum blue.  Serendipity. 

Speaking of blue--five different blue/blueish TB Iris are on order, for delivery in July or August.  In the Entry Garden, I'll move the tan/ecru/purple/mustard-y 'Thornbird',  replacing them with the various blues.  The thought is to gradually develop two rivers of blue color between Leucanthemums, Roses, Dahlias, and other plants using the Iris and Geranium 'Rozanne'.   Diagonal "rivers" between the long rectangular beds on either side of the path?  Something like that. 

Tough to coordinate.  Best with deep purple?    

Still speaking of blue, the neighbors had a party Saturday night and the Senecio border on the front slope was crushed by someone's tire:

I asked the neighbor to help me put the crushed parts in his green waste bin, which he did, no problem.  Accidents happen.  It will grow back.  

A 'Little Lucky' series Lantana under planted rose 'Snowbird' since 2014 or 2015.  It was excellent, but gradually became very woody and too large for the space.  

Took over the path every summer after a hard springtime pruning:  

  Time for a change.

Change is a pair of temporary 'Fred Ives' rosettes and a transplanted Geranium 'Rozanne' that struggled in another area.  The usual rabbit protection--they like 'Rozanne' foliage when it is new and tender--and sun protection is provided by buckets,  until 'Rozanne' settles in. 

 The first Dahlia flowers are showing color!  Any day now, Dahlia time.  Hollyhill Spider Woman??  It can't possibly be 'Cafe au Lait'.  I know what I planted, but didn't bother to remember where.

More finer tuning:  placing instruction signs on various plants:  what to do with them this autumn.  (Already looking forward to autumn.  Can we just skip summer this year?)

The hydrangea given a shade cover about three weeks ago is looking a lot better on half the water.  

New growth on the Hakea.  It survived being planted and appears to like the location.  Fingers crossed for success.  Alder, Dodonea, Pittosporum were all fails here.  Fourth time the charm?  The Metrosideros behind it, planted at the same time, also has new growth. 
Part of the joy of this time of year is all the prettiness.   New growth on Leucadendron 'Wilson's Wonder':

I thought Agapanthus 'Twister' aka 'Indigo Frost' would look good adjacent to rose 'Julia Child'.  It does. 
Fresh new Callistemon foliage with Acer 'Emperor I':
Ditto Lagerstroemia 'Cherry Mocha'.  Acer in the background:
Finer fine tuning--what do you do as Spring become Summer? 

Source: pieceofeden

Finer Tuning