Five Happy Things: Skinny Jeans!


Here are five things that made me smile, laugh, or sigh in contentment. The hope is that by keeping track of and sharing them here, I will continue to focus on the good things in life, of which there are so, so many, even if its metaphorically storming elsewhere..

So here are this week's Five Happy Things . . 

1.  Malibu.  We just returned from a wonderful RV get away to Malibu RV Park, which is situated on a bluff overlooking the ocean. Our views of the ocean were sublime, the weather was great for most of our stay, considering that it's winter, plus we hiked almost 20 miles during our visit, and enjoyed some pretty awesome food on a particularly balmy night at local fav Marmalade Cafe.

In addition to the beautiful ocean, our RV site also had wonderful sunrise and sunset views. 
It was hard to leave!

2.  Friends getting vaccinated.  Our County is moving fast through it's 65+ population, and another vaccine site, UC Irvine, recently opened up a slew of available appointments, meaning that pretty much all of our senior friends not yet vaccinated were able to book their first round appointments as a result. For now this simply means a continued expansion of outdoor activities (hiking, biking, and kayaking) that we can enjoy with friends, as I'm still not vaccinated (I'm in the next tier to come online) and the variances continue to be of concern.

3.  Power Crunch Bars.  I love these bars, which I'm generally able to buy on sale for about $1.25 each. They make a good breakfast when combined with a banana, taste great, and are decently low in sugar and high in protein, meaning I don't experience any sudden changes in blood sugar after eating them.

4.  Beach walk & lunch date.  I'm meeting up with two girlfriends tomorrow for a long walk along the beach, followed by fish tacos to go that we'll enjoy together outside somewhere. 

A simple pleasure that never gets old.

5.  H&M super stretch skinny jeans.  These jeans are the best, simply the best. I have been buying them since I retired in 2011, and needed to jazz up my non-working wardrobe. First, the price is great, and hasn't changed in ten years - they are still $19.99 a pair. Second, and most important, they contain a small amount of elasticity so they conform to any body type.

Just recently I noticed a higher waist option, which was nice in that the lower rise jeans can necessitate a certain amount of tugging-action (LOL) over the course of a day, so I ordered seven new pair, pretty much every color available. With a 15% online coupon the pants came to just $16.99 a pair, and from prior experience I expect them to last for years and years. Plus they are super versatile, and can be worn with pretty much any footwear (flats, heels, boots) and paired with about a hundred different combinations of tops and sweaters.

Some of the ways I've styled my various H&M skinny jeans -

Here's a link to the specific jeans I ordered: H&M Super Stretch High Waist Skinny Jeans


That's it for me at the moment. What's making you happy this week?

Five Happy Things: Skinny Jeans!