Floyd Lavine Oct 22 Chart

Floyd Lavine

Top ten for September 2022 from Floyd Lavine Sept 22 Chart featuring Irfan Rainym, Deep Narratives, Francis Bebey & more.

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An African nomad, Floyd Lavine mines inspiration wherever he goes. Dubbed 'Afrofuturistic techno' funk his sound has grown from his roots in South Africa and has been soldered via stints in London and his adopted hometown of Berlin. 

Moving to Berlin in 2016, he soaked up the vibes of the city’s electronic music scene, but as always, went his own way establishing RISE, an Afro House collective that staged monthly events at Watergate and across Europe. 

In 2022, having moved on from RISE, Floyd’s focus is firmly on Afrikan Tales, his fledgling label project aimed at exploring African creativity and storytelling. It focuses on bespoke music and showcasing artists from the African continent and others around the world who are inspired by the rich African culture. “My vision for the label is to tell our own story, create our own narrative and explore our own creativity without limitations,” Lavine shares.

Floyd Lavine - 'Vaseline' is now out.

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Floyd Lavine Oct 22 Chart