FOOOORE! Falynn Explains Her Golf Club Clasping Confrontation With LaToya On #RHOA ‘I Saw Red!’

On Sunday’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, viewers finally got to see more of newbie Falynn Guobadia as well as her lovely home and a shocking moment when someone disrespected her while in it.

Falynn Guobadia & LaToya Ali

Source: Bravo / Bravo TV

As previously reported, the newbie was previously shaded by fellow newbie LaToya Ali who made a disrespectful remark about her husband’s age. During a BLM party for Porsha Williams, an icy LaToya asked Falynn about her husband Simon. When Falynn who’s in her early 30s revealed that her husband Simon was 56-years-old, LaToya remarked; “Yeah, yeah I knew that […] Because you look like you date older men with money.”

Falynn shook off LaToya’s ageism shade initially but when LaToya brought her hubby’s age again, this time while in Falynn and Simon’s house, the mom/philanthropist was none too pleased.

After inviting all of the ladies over for a Halloween party, a Medusa costumed Falynn was once again subjected to shade from a sea siren costumed LaToya. After arriving to Falynn’s house, she wasted no time making a snide remark; “This is a beautiful home by the way,” said LaToya. “This is what dating a 65-year-old does. Put me on hunty, I’m trying to live like this!

She then demanded that someone serve her a cocktail.

“There’s no maid here that can help a sister out, a chef here in this big ole kitchen?! Somebody needs to serve me.”

R U D E.

Later, after LaToya called the party “boring” and was leaving, Falynn voiced her displeasure with LaToya disrespecting her husband and the “empire that they built together.” That only caused LaToya to be even more disrespectful with comments about Falynn allegedly having three baby daddies and trying to “get up it all night” with her hubby. An irate Falynn then went running through her house to the garage where she grabbed a golf club seemingly to attack LaToya.


Now Falynn’s speaking on what went down during Kandi’s “Speak On It” and according to her, LaToya’s energy was off from the moment she walked in.

“When LaToya walked in, what threw me off and made everything kind of spiral, she sat down at the table with all the rest of us and she said [the ageism comment],” said Falyn on Speak On It. “I’m not dealing with him, I’m married to him. I have his legacy, unlike you. Secondly, this is our empire, this is where we raise our children. What mother raised you?! I could never speak on another woman like that.”

According to Falynn who’s nearly 30 years her husband’s junior, her inner Taurus came out because of LaToya’s multiple digs.

“That was strike one, strike two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, till I saw red. That’s when the Taurus came out.”

One can only take so much, especially in their own house. Right?

In case you’re curious about how LaToya feels about the drama, she’s being defiant. Are you surprised?

Hit the flip for LaToya’s take on her showdown with Falynn.


FOOOORE! Falynn Explains Her Golf Club Clasping Confrontation With LaToya On #RHOA ‘I Saw Red!’