For Love…

For Love & Lemons is one of those brands I always find myself coming back to. Sort of an old reliable. My first mention of For Love & Lemons on the blog is in 2013 before their lingerie line even debuted.

I’m so taken with For Love & Lemons it’s hard to breathe. Their impending lingerie line is giving me hot flashes haha.

Me in streetstyle post in 2013

photos by Genstreetstyle

I actually shot these just before the pandemic in Feb 2020. Though I’ve only shared a few images from the set on Instagram yes, mind your business lol. This perfect little dress is still hanging in my closet getting continuous of wear. Living in Miami definitely makes it easy since it’s pretty much summer vibes all year round. It’s also a very flattering fit and excellent quality for the price point. If you want my exact dress, you’ll have to put your googling skills to the test. I’ve given you a headstart with this one I found on eBay along with some similar sandals. Poshmark has the most for sale that I’ve seen.

I’m also sharing some current For Love & Lemons pieces below that are on my current wishlist.


For Love…