Free Printable Numbers Templates

Whether you’re a DIY diva or a busy parent (is there any other kind?) trying to pack a little extra learning into your kid’s day, these free printable numbers templates are definitely going to come in handy! Yep, you can use these free printable numbers (1-100) for teaching kids their 123s, craft projects, coloring sheets, and much more.

free printable numbers templates

I’ve spent a fair amount of time on touting the numerous benefits of printable bubble letter alphabets, especially when it comes to educating and entertaining kids. However, free printable numbers templates are just as important! After all, how will your kid ever put together a household budget sheet if he or she doesn’t learn the 123s? 😉

In this article, you’ll find free large printable numbers, which feature just one number per sheet (such as a printable number 1) as well as pages that contain multiple numbers, like free printable numbers 1-10. These printable bubble numbers can be used in many of the same ways you’d use printable bubble letters including as coloring sheets, to create flashcards or educational games, and in craft projects like scrapbooking.

Bonus: If you’ve somehow missed out on the free printable bubble letters and all of their uses, here’s a set of free lowercase and uppercase bubble letters that are relatively plain and therefore, good for everyday use!

Free Large Printable Numbers

This set of free printable numbers templates are perfect when your child is first introduced to the concept of numbers. The numbers are large, plain (no fancy decorations or script to make things confusing), and each page only contains one number (such as a printable number 2).

One way to start getting your kid used to the idea of 123s is to download each one of these (printable number 1, printable number 2, printable number 3, etc.) and create a coloring book for your child. Just spending time with the numbers without practicing counting or anything will increase familiarity and comfort.

Tip: One thing that’s great about this set of free large printable numbers is that it starts with a 0. Often, sets (including the next one) start with a printable number 1 and leave off 0 entirely.

Bold Printable Bubble Numbers

The next set of printable bubble numbers comes in a really bold font, which makes them perfect for tracing. Tracing each individual number, like a printable number 3, can not only help your child learn the 123s, but also practice how to hold a writing utensil, how much pressure to apply to the page, and actual penmanship. Let them use colored pencils (or some kind of “fun” writing utensil) to make this activity more appealing!

Tip: It isn’t just your kid that can benefit from tracing free printable numbers 1-10. If you’ve been trying to teach yourself calligraphy, numbers should be a part of that and tracing them is a great way to instill muscle memory. 🙂

These bold free printable numbers 1-10 look different than the first set of free printable numbers; plus, they contain a 10 instead of a 0. If you’re using these printable numbers for educational purposes, use both sets. It’s important for your kid to get familiar with seeing numbers in different styles.

Tip: To make learning those 123s more fun and get your kid used to seeing numbers in different styles, print both sets of printable bubble numbers and create a matching game. The goal would be for your kid to find the printable number 2 (or any other number) in both styles.

Printable Numbers 1-100

For crafting projects or more “advanced” learners, you may want more than one number per sheet. Here you’ll find not just free printable bubble numbers 1-20 but printable numbers 1-100! Keep these handy for when your child is ready to graduate beyond the number 10. 🙂

Obviously, print out only what you want or need. For example, if you just need free printable numbers 1-20, print only the first two sheets. 

Tip: These free printable numbers templates can also be used to make a game. Print out some of the numbers (you might want to start small and just do free printable numbers 1-20), cut them into squares, and then play a game where your kid has to try to find each number in order. So instead of matching numbers, you’re looking for printable number 1, 2, 3, and so on in consecutive order.

Bonus: Reinforce what your kids have learned by giving them a fun and secretly educational activity. A spring color-by-number printable or Easter color-by-number printable are my go-tos!

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Free Printable Numbers Templates