FREE Retro New Year Card Pack – Download Now

FREE Retro New Year Card Pack - Download Today

Help your friends, family, and followers ring in the New Year (and say “see ya” to 2021) with this retro-inspired set of cards.

Perhaps, as the year comes to a close, you’re thinking of ways to spread a little joy, share a little optimism, or just make another person smile. With this pack of FREE Retro New Year Cards, you can do just that.

Scroll down to discover what’s included in the pack and how to customize the cards for social media.

Cheers to a happy and healthy New Year!

What’s Included in Your FREE Retro New Year Card Pack

Four Designs

This pack contains four New Year’s card designs in colorful, fun, retro-inspired designs.

Examples of the four retro-style New Year's cards available in this pack
Four fun, retro-style New Year’s cards included in this pack.
New Year's card with a popped champagne bottle stating "Hello 2022"
Pop those bubbles, it’s a New Year!
New Year's card with a retro, comicbook bang stating "Welcome 2022"
Start the year off with a bang.
"Happy New Year" banner with two people clinking champagne flutes
Cheers, friends!
Retro New Year's card with "2022" in the middle and confetti sprinkled around it
Mark the celebration of the new and exciting year with good, old-fashioned confetti.

Inside the pack, you’ll find two folders, Digital and Print.

Digital Folder

The digital files are available as JPEG files. Each of the designs is already pre-sized so that they’re ready to be posted through:

  • Instagram post
  • Instagram story
  • Facebook post
  • Twitter post

In addition, we also included the high-quality A3 size that you can size down to meet your needs.

New Year's card size examples including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and high resolution
Inside the digital folder.

Each format comes in two versions—one with text and blank. The blank version can be used to customize your own New Year’s greeting.

Showing examples of New Year's cards with text and without text
Two file versions: with text and blank.

Print Folder

In the print folder, you’ll find .pdf files ready to print using your home printer. Each card is in the standard size of 4 x 6 inches. These print-ready files come in two options for you to choose:

  • Folded card
  • Single card
Example of New Year's cards - one folded and one not folded with "Welcome 2022" as the banner
Two types of printed cards: folded and single.

How to Download the FREE Retro New Year Card Pack

To download this pack, simply click on the button below, then unzip the downloaded files to access all the folders.

Download the FREE Retro New Year Card Pack

By downloading this FREE pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

How to Print Your Cards

Before printing, make sure your printer is in good condition and ready to print. Check whether it has enough ink and make sure you’ve loaded high-quality paper. Try a test print, if needed.

To print the cards, begin by choosing whether you want to print a folded or a single card. Choose the file from the print folder in the downloaded pack.

Open the .pdf file of the design that you want to print. Then, click Command + P or Control + P, enter the number of copies that you want, set the size to Actual Size, set the orientation to Auto, then hit print. Once the card prints, you can cut it by following the cutting mark. Fold the card if you chose that option.

Screenshot of settings and adjustments prior to printing your New Year's card
Choose the type and design of the card that you want to print. Don’t forget to adjust the settings before printing your card.

Upload to Social Media Platforms

We’ve already sized each card in suitable sizes to post on your FacebookTwitter, and Instagram—in your feed or in a story. Simply upload your favorite template to any of those platforms and publish it!

Demonstrating how your New Year's card will look like on social media on your mobile phone
The digital file is ready to be uploaded to your selected social media platform. Mockup via La vector.

You can also customize your own digital card with the clip art included in the pack using any design software you have. As another option, make your own customized card for FREE, directly from your desktop browser, using Shutterstock Editor.

Scroll down to learn how.

Customize Your Own New Year Card with Shutterstock Editor

Get Started

After opening up Shutterstock Editor, the first step is to choose a size for your design. Scroll down to choose from the available sizes, or simply type in the size that you need in the search box.

Screenshot of how to choose a size for your card in Shutterstock Editor
Choose a suitable size for your design.

Upload the Blank Card

Upload the blank card version that you want to use by clicking My Files -> Uploads -> Upload Image. Choose from the digital folder that has a suitable size for your needs.

Screenshot of how to upload a blank card design in Shutterstock Editor
Upload the blank card design.

Compose Your Greeting

Add text by clicking on the Text tool, then click Add Headline.

Screenshot of how to add text to your card using the Text Tool in Shutterstock Editor
Add your New Year’s greeting with the Text Tool (A).

Customize the Font Style

Customize the font, size, or alignment with the text toolbar that appears on top of the canvas every time you click on the text.

If you want to have different font styles on your text (for example, one word bigger than the others), add another headline text and now you can set the font style separately.

Screenshot demonstrating how to add text to different parts of the card in various sizes using Shutterstock Editor
Customize the font style using the text toolbar.

Add Shadow to the Text

To give a retro vibe to your text, add shadow behind the text. Pick a shadow color that matches the design while still making the text pop, adjust the offset of the shadow, then set the blur to 0 and transparency to 100%.

Adding shadow will also make your text easier to read on top of the colorful background.

Screenshot of how to add a shadow color to your design to make it look more retro using Shutterstock Editor
Add a shadow behind the text to give it a retro vibe and make the text easier to read.

Download Your Design

When you’re finished with your design, simply download it by clicking on the red download button. Choose the file type that you need, and click download.

Screenshot of how to download your design in Shutterstock Editor by clicking the red download button
Download your finished design.

Your New Year’s e-card is ready to be published on your social media!

The final card finished in Shutterstock Editor
Clink those glasses to a new year!

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FREE Retro New Year Card Pack – Download Now