Frogman, Speed Racer, The Necrosword and More!




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Shonen Book 10 1966

First appearance of Speed Racer

Legendary artist Tatsuo Yoshida created one of my favorite characters Casshern but he also created the much more popular Speed Racer who’s comic debut was in Shonen Book in 1966.  To date this is the accepted first but @sageof23paths over at IG made an interesting point about issue 6 which I will picture here.  Speed Racer can be seen in a head shot on the cover but he does not appear in the book.  There is a chance a mini comic featuring Mach Gogogo came with the book.  I can only mention this until I have definitive proof so I am including both books. Speed Racer was also based off an earlier character called Pilot Ace who first appeared here.

I would also be on the lookout for high grade copies of this last issue newsstand.

So what is the first US appearance of Speed Racer?

Profits: the Future is Now

First US appearance of Speed Racer

This Now Comics catalog was released early in 1987 and gives previews uf upcoming series set to be released throughout the year, including Speed Racer.  It is also the first US cover that I can find.  While Dai Kamikaze is heating up on Ebay there is this and possible other Now publications that predate it. None appear earlier than this though.  Also,  if anyone tries to sell you on Dai 2 ( 2nd print ) as the first cover don’t buy it.  That book came out one month after Speed Racer 1.

There is always a chance Speed Racer appears here but I cannot confirm this and listings do not mention Speed Racer which makes sense because this is a 1986 book.  Some also list this is the first appearance and cover for Ralph Snart. This is also inaccurate.

The Amazing Spider-Man 266

First full Frogman cover

Here’s a book I never thought I would feature.  I am not sure how wise investing any real money in Frogman is when we are talking about She-Hulk Disney TV characters but Frogman is someone I would collect regardless. If you have the first I would go get that money and look for Canadian or MJ versions of this, Spectacular 185 and the UK 544,545 books just below it.



Venom 4

Origin of Knull ( but more importantly the Necrosword )

As Thor GOT 5 heats up due to Gorr’s origin, this one might be the more important book because it features the origin of the Necrosword. I don’t expect Gorr to be used in the MCU after Thor 4 but that sword has the chance to be huge as a symbiote or otherwise.




This section is reserved for all the other stuff i am looking for this week. True Firsts may or may not appear.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast Giveaway

Rare is rare and this one sure is hard to find. I would scoop this up in any condition tbh even though it says collector’s issue on the cover.



Fantastic Fanzine 2

As someone who needs all black costume covers this made my list this week. I see one on Ebay and the seller is asking 500+.



Red Snake Vol. 1 ( firs ted )

This one is very rare. I am featuring more and more manga these days as so many are unknown and out of print.




Sleazy Scandals

This one from Hollywood Heritage Press is always on my list because I collect Art Spiegelman. Be careful though, it is reprinted by Kitchen Sink twice. You can tell this by the logo change on the cover.




Sleazy Slice 7

While looking for an image of the book above I came across this book and had to ad the cover but be warned, this publication is not for kids!

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Frogman, Speed Racer, The Necrosword and More!