From Minis to Maxis, I Found Every Cute Skirt on Amazon

‘Tis always the season for skirts. A brief anecdote: I relocated to a new city this past year. Like many New Yorkers, I moved down South to Miami, and with that, I found that my style drastically changed. The point of my story? The transformation of my wardrobe forced me to heavily reflect on what was actually changing. And, perhaps the most significant shift taking place in my closet was replacing my beloved denim collection of over 75 pairs of jeans (excessive, I know—but I was obsessed) with skirts. 

In New York, I rarely wore skirts. And if I did, it was always some sort of pencil skirt that was easy to pair with boots for fall layering (example below). Then, as I adjusted to my Miami lifestyle, I found myself gravitating toward a new, diverse range of skirts. I was trying everything—and loving it.

From fitted maxis and silk numbers with a dramatic slit detailing to minis and tennis styles, almost every skirt silhouette has entered my wardrobe. So, as a new skirt connoisseur, I felt as though it was my duty to share my absolute favorite skirts—and spoiler alert: they’re all on Amazon. While my journey on finding the best skirts on Amazon wasn’t easy—in fact, it took just about a year to perfect my list—I can confidently say these are the best 25 skirts on Amazon to buy right now. 

A perfectly versatile style.

A slip skirt is a must.

Obsessed with this color this season.

If you are unsure about where to start, why not start with a leopard print?

If you ask me, you can never have too many tennis skirts.

Style this with a sweater, boots, and tights for a casual winter look.

I have this in every color.

Behold, a sophisticated tennis skirt.

A classic wardrobe staple.

Never thought I'd be a stripe gal, yet here I am.

What's better than a skirt? A 2-piece skirt set.

Sometimes for me, less is more.

My favorite mini of the moment.

Opt for a mini skirt with subtle design details (like these zippers) to make your look more elevated.

Spoiler: this skirt comes in two other colors, and they're also to die for.

The denim mini has made its comeback.

I'm all about the waist-wrapping detail this year.

Some skirts are just destined for after hours.

The aforementioned silk skirt with the dramatic slit.

Everyone needs at least one leather skirt in their lives.

...and a pleated one.

Last, but certainly not least: the dramatic maxi skirt.

I love wearing this with a white t-shirt and sandals for the ultimate effortless look.

Simple, not boring.

We have entered the era of the at-home, comfortable skirt. Next, we're revealing our favorite cozy sweaters on Amazon. 


From Minis to Maxis, I Found Every Cute Skirt on Amazon