Everything Immersive This Week (09/21/2019)

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It’s happening again…

The Spooky Season is heating up, and we’re swimming hard and fast to keep up up. Want proof? Go look at LA in the “FROM THE WIRE” section. Yeah: we in it.

But that doesn’t keep us from pushing things forward, and we’ve started a whole new series of regular columns from a rotating group of writers this week. We kicked it off with one from yours truly: “Those Who Play: Notes On Building The Immersive Audience,” and we got work from Ricky Brigante, Kathryn Yu, and more in the weeks to come. In fact we’re already seeing this kicking off some conversations, and that’s the whole point — so expect this new vein to last for a while.

For those of you in LA: we’re hosting a talk back & game night for DELUSION: ALT-DELETE on Oct. 9th, and we’ve got special discount codes for this weekend and next. Check out the details HERE.

Also: did anyone else see we got a shout-out in The Wall Street Journal this week? Totally unexpected.

Alright: let’s get to it.

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John Henningsen, Artistic Director of LA’s Thymele Arts sits down to talk with Noah about just what the performing arts incubator in East Hollywood is, its role in the immersive world, and the future of immersive in LA.

Note: John very graciously gives us a desk in the co-working space free of charge, but that’s not why we’re talking to him. We’re talking to him because he and Thymele are an integral part of LA’s immersive scene.


NYC: Among the Cedars, What Ships Are Built For, User Not Found, Blackout,

Toronto: Masquerade | Succumb to the Eve of St. George

Chicago: Reflections on Fire: Extinguishing Old Ideas

New Orleans: Saintsbone

Scottsdale, AZ: Candytopia

Vancouver: VIFF Immersed

Seattle: Ghost Party

SF: The Gravermind Estate, The Cellar, Warriors Hooptopia

Las Vegas: Horrorwood Video,

LA: Alien Encounter Dance Experience, Indiecade & Indiecade’s Night Games, The Downton Abbey Experience, 29 Rooms — Expand Your Reality Tour, To Live and Di(n)e in LA (Two Year Anniversary), The Depraved Attic Of Dorian Gray, The Shadow Space, ALT DELETE Launch Event — Creator Talk Back & Game Night, Inferno & Burlesque, I Like Scary Movies (Redux)Terra

Anaheim: The Séance


October 9: Everything Immersive NYC Meetup - Room Escape Artist

NYC: Join Everything Immersive in New York City for a meetup on October 9. RSVP on Facebook.

SANDBOX: Immersive Worlds and Playable Spaces

LONDON: The Gunpowder Plot presents SANDBOX | Immersive Worlds and Playable Spaces on 28 & 29 September. Tickets on sale now for a weekend of panels and discussions on creating immersive worlds.


Find members of the NoPro team and Everything Immersive family in your neck of the woods

September: Ricky Brigante & Noah Nelson — VIFF Immersed

October: Kathryn Yu — Indiecade 2019

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From No Proscenium:

From David & Lisa Spira of Room Escape Artist:

The Fifth Wall Escape Rooms - The Houdini Trap [Review] - Room Escape Artist

In Michigan, we played at The Fifth Wall Escape Rooms where The Houdini Trap told a unique story in an unusual and beautiful space. The puzzles and props were solid and engaging.

Lockout Austin - Area 51-2 [Review] - Room Escape Artist

In Texas, we played at Lockout Austin where Area 51–2 had one of the most clever set ups we’ve ever seen for an escape room. It was a challenging game with some creative game design and storytelling.


From NoProscenium.com and our Twitter feed:

Those Who Play: Notes On Building The Immersive Audience

From David & Lisa Spira of Room Escape Artist:

A Quick Thought on VacuForm Panels in Escape Rooms - Room Escape Artist

VacuForm panels are plastic wall mountings that can be purchased, painted and hung in theatrical environments. Avoid the usual pitfalls:

From Michael Andersen of ARGN:

Those Who Watch: Rediscovering the Alternate Reality Game Show

Continuing the conversation about how to serve audiences more interested in viewing immersive experiences, this piece examines some of the tactics projects have used to capture the energy of immersive experiences in a more passive format.

Inside A Mind just released a video explaining some of the secrets behind Alex Bale’s alternate reality game Pizza Time Pizza, a comedic horror series that will be wrapping up this Halloween with its tenth video installment. Remember, Pizza Time Pizza is not a cult!

From Ricky Brigante of Pseudonym Productions:

Halloween-theme bars and haunted experiences will creep it real in Philly

Our newest immersive experience Dark Passage debuts in Philadelphia for the spooky season on October 4th including a pop-up bar with local bar legend Fergus Carey, as recently featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Toys 'R' Us Is Bringing 'Toy Wonderlands' to the U.S. Just in Time for Holiday Shopping

The folks behind Candytopia have partnered with the owners of the Toys ‘R’ Us brand to bring a touring immersive pop-up to cities throughout 2019 and 2020, beginning with Chicago and Atlanta, featuring photo opportunities — capitalizing on nostalgia for the recently shuttered stores.


Discussions and posts from Everything Immersive & Twitter:

Evermore: A World Unto Itself

Posted by Abel Horwitz on Everything Immersive

Enklu Launches San Francisco's First AR Maker Space - VRScout

The Most Seductive Theater Scene in New York Right Now, a Visitor's Guide


The Story Engine

The Story Engine is a card-based storytelling prompt generator that Rock Paper Cynic cartoonist Peter Chiykowski has used to generate his postcard fiction project, The Shortest Story. Back the project at a high enough level, and you can subscribe to receive some of those story prompts in the mail as monthly postcards.

Daemonologie: Smoke & Mirrors

Boston: An immersive game theatre experience where you will decide a woman’s fate.

The Ode at Pint’s End

Chicago’s Birch House preps an immersive folk tale

CHICAGO: The Ode at Pint’s End, written by Lauren N. Fields and Janie Killips, is an epic folktale that features traditional Irish music and new music by Janie Killips.


Jobs, Grants, Gigs, and more

Ethan Rodriguez-Torrent

New Haven, CT. — Escape New Haven, Game Design Lead, salaried.

i-Docs 2020 - Call for Participation

i-Docs 2020 — Call for Participation

Following the success of five previous i-Docs Symposia, we are pleased to announce the call for participation for i-Docs 2020. Convened by Judith Aston, Sandra Gaudenzi, Mandy Rose and Julia Scott-Stevenson, and hosted by UWE Bristol’s Digital Cultures Research Centre, i-Docs 2020 will be held at Watershed in Bristol’s Harbourside on Wednesday to Friday 25–27 March. We invite proposals for papers, pre-constituted panels, case studies, posters and projects to showcase. In addition, this time we also want to encourage alternative and remote forms of participation — both to reduce the carbon footprint of the event and to include delegates otherwise unable to take part.

Deadline: Oct. 25, 2019

Sundance New Frontier Story Lab Applications

2020 New Frontier Story Lab - Sundance Institute

Deadline Oct. 1

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