What's the best thing about your local library?

Libraries are getting more popular as Millennials and Gen Z re-embrace the idea of not purchasing everything we consume. It's one of the only places you can go outside of your home where you're not expected to spend money. Most libraries offer tons of of books, of course, but also other media like magazines, DVDs and Blu-Rays, video games, newspapers, and even instruments, job interview clothes, and more.

You can download free movies, TV shows, audio books, and eBooks via apps like Hoopla and Libby using just your library card.

You can use your library to look for jobs, scour the internet, take classes, join book clubs, gardening clubs, foreign language conversation clubs, all kinds of other meetups, and to grab awesome used books for sale.

But I already know what makes my local library the shit. Now we want to know what makes YOURS amazing. There are local libraries across the world doing really great things with charities, kids, older folks, and more, and we'd like to know about it.

If you have something fun, useful, or just different going on at your library, leave a comment with your city, the name of the library, and what's happening there that we should know about so we can visit where we can.

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  • Ashley: The Salt Lake City downtown library has beehives on the roof! [Link]
  • Sarah: I forgot that one of my favorite parts of my library is their gardening tool lending library! I can borrow… [Link]
  • Jennifer: My older boss was complaining about how parents just "dump" their kids at the library during the summer. And I… [Link]
  • JessieT: I can tell you haven't been to your local library in many years! haha. Most libraries have the latest movies… [Link]
  • Tabby: Shout out to the libraries in the rural region of Colorado I grew up in. Pines & Plains libraries several… [Link]

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What's the best thing about your local library?