5 Common Plants that are Safe for Pets

It's not surprising that there's overlap when it comes to animal and plant lovers – they're people who love sharing their living spaces with other living things! For pet lovers, though, bringing the outside in is risky business.

We've consulted the ASPCA's roster and rounded up five great choices that will brighten your apartment space without endangering any of your furry roommates should they get curious enough to take a taste!

1. American rubber plant

american rubber plant

These sturdy and beautiful plants can make a space feel lush – and with the proper container and care can grow to impressive heights as a small indoor tree! Buy small, however, as younger plants will better adapt to indoor life than their more mature counterparts. And if you want to keep it on the petite side, leave it in a smaller container.

Important to note – rubber plants like well-drained soil, so avoid overwatering and while they love bright light, direct sunlight is a no-no. If it starts losing leaves, it needs a brighter spot. Misting in the summertime will impart moisture and keep it healthy.

2. Basil

basil plant

Interested in an indoor herb garden? Basil, which is easy to grow and regrow right from the seeds in containers, is fragrant and delicious for humans – and safe around both dogs and cats.

Basil will thrive in a sunny window, or even out on the balcony. Simply harvest the leaves for use and be sure to pinch the stems now and again to encourage more leaves to grow.

3. Boston fern

Boston fern plant

These frizzy ferns make exceptionally pretty hanging plants, creating wonderful silhouettes with a cheery, wild-child vibe. And if a few leaves drop? No worries for pups or kitties. It has the ASPCA stamp of pet-safe plant approval.

Boston ferns like indirect light, a cool clime and high humidity, much like its relatives that cover lush forest floors. A spray bottle can take care of the latter, of course, so mist it lightly once or twice a week – perhaps more if you're running the heat or AC regularly.

4. Orchids

orchid plant

Were you hoping for something with show-stopping blooms? You could do worse than an orchid, the vast varieties of which are exotic and colorful and artful enough for museums and five-star luxury resorts – imagine what they can do for your studio!

More than a few are safe for both dogs and cats, including the fiery reed orchid, moth orchid and Florida butterfly orchid. Be sure to double-check pet safety on other varieties. Orchids, in general, love tightly confined roots and bright, indirect light.

5. Christmas cactus

Christmas cactus plant

For folks who love plants, but rarely bother with them due to black thumbs or busy lifestyles, succulents get high marks for low maintenance – and will often reward you with truly breathtaking blooms.

The Christmas cactus is a less prickly variety, with the hardiness of a succulent, and gorgeous flowers that time their blooming right around the holidays, hence the name. This one thrives with regular watering but you can leave it for a while once doused until the top part of the soil dries out quite a bit.

Banner Photo by Sneaky Elbow on Unsplash

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5 Common Plants that are Safe for Pets