Diabetes eating: The yesses have it!


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Diabetes eating: The yesses have it!

Who says “YOU CAN’T……?”

For me, eating with Diabetes started out with…NO! After a little effort it turned into…perhaps. After 13 years it is clearly….YES, I CAN.

Did you know that it if you want to have breakfast food like eggs or pancakes for supper it is completely OK? Diabetes doesn’t change that. What gets changed is the way you prepare the pancake batter and “syrup” for the pancakes. Eggs….well they pretty much stay the same. If you want toast with your eggs, you have to find a bread that you like and works for your carbohydrate budget and YOUR tastebuds.

3 1/2 inch round Whole wheat and nut pancakes
Today with a fresh blueberry syrup

Just like the cakes I bake, toasted ground nuts or almond flour replace some of the flour in my pancake recipe. While it brings the carbohydrate count way down; it also makes an even more scrumptious pancake. I make the syrup with fruit(s) butter, low carbohydrate orange juice, and a sugar replacement. Pancake suppers are even more fun than pancakes for breakfast. Jammies NOT required.

Sandwiches are also OK for supper or for lunch. What has to change is the bread you use to prepare the sandwich.

It takes time, a little research, and a little help from my friends.

As the weather (almost) changes here in Texas; I find myself craving hearty foods.

I made chicken pot pie for both a supper and for my freezer a few weeks ago. I used my baking powder biscuits for the crust.
Dinner was scrumptious. Even better, I have two (2) more in the freezer when it gets cooler again. Can pot roast(s) and beef stew(s) be far behind?

I have made alterations to all of these “old” recipes. Garden peas have been replaced with green beans. I have upped the amount of mushrooms in the recipes. D’ja know what? They are just as delicious as they have always been.

I am a big sandwich person. My father’s restaurant was as much deli as restaurant.  Being told I had to say NO to bread was hard for me. It turns out that the naysayers weren’t completely right. There are a good number of bread products out there that are absolutely perfect for both taste AND your diabetes eating.

Once I discovered a few I went joyfully back to eating sandwiches.

Turkey and cheese is wonderful on any number of these lower carbohydrate breads. Add an avocado, and it is even better. Well, better, unless you don’t like avocado. Add some skinny slaw and I am brought back to the pleasures of my father’s restaurant and my childhood.

I have just recently been introduced to a new (for me) bread. The brand is Sola. I found burger buns in the “stupidmarket” near me. I got back to eating burgers using low carbohydrate mini pita bread, sandwich thins or rounds, and even on the lower carbohydrate bread I use for my morning toast. All work perfectly well. The buns from Sola also work. The advantage is that they actually look like burger buns. They give you the sense of the “real thing”.  I found hot dog rolls under that brand on the shelf yesterday. I can’t wait to have a hot dog.

I also can’t wait for Sloppy Joe’s, Untidy Tom’s, pulled meat, Philly steak and…………Now I have to wait for the weather to cooperate.

It is the little finds that make such a huge difference to the joyousness of my eating and STILL managing my Diabetes.

Enjoy, be healthy, be happy, be decadent!

Sloppy J’s

2 servings

Net carbohydrates    <15 grams

Chef’s Notes: I know it is not always possible to have your butcher grind a lean piece of beef for you but especially in this recipe it does make a difference. Packaged beef has a higher water content. Hey, water is cheaper than meat.

Most of the carbohydrates come from the bread you serve this on.

Full disclosure: Unlike regular Sloppy Joe’s; you will need a knife and fork to eat these sandwiches.


1 medium onion (sweet or yellow), sliced

2 TBSP. olive oil

¾ pound lean ground beef (90% lean)

2 cloves of garlic grated

1 TBSP. Worcestershire sauce

1TBSP. cider vinegar

1 TBSP. tomato paste

1 tsp. Dijon mustard

½ cup tomato sauce

¼ cup dry red wine (optional)

¼ cup beef stock (1/2 cup if you don’t use the wine)

4 tsp. (or equivalent) granulated sugar substitute

Salt and pepper to taste (and your doctor’s advice)

HOT sauce: start with 2-3 drops and increase as you like the heat

I love sautéed mushrooms and add them to this recipe


Over medium high heat, cook the onions in the olive oil until lightly browned. Add the ground beef and cook until well browned. If there is a lot of liquid, spoon out as much as you can before proceeding.

Add the garlic and cook for 30 seconds. Add ALL the remaining ingredients and stir to combine. TASTE NOW, and then adjust the amount of HOT sauce in the recipe. Simmer, partially covered for 20 minutes then raise the heat to high to boil away excess liquid.


I love these sandwiches with a cool side dish of either CARROT SALAD or SKINNY SLAW.

Diabetes eating: The yesses have it!