Get a hotel deal with a Melia 40% buy points bonus

MeliaRewards is running a ‘buy points’ promo. Until 31st October, all purchases up to 150,000 points will receive a 40% bonus.

1,000 points, plus bonus, are being offered for €5. The bonus is applied on top, so you will get 1,400 points for €5.  This works out at 0.36 Eurocents per point or €3.57 per 1000.

This is cheap – almost as cheap as it gets, although we have seen a 50% bonus in the past.

Melia 40 buy points bonus

However, unlike the last 50% bonus, these points do NOT come with any specific rules over how you can use them.  The bonus points are added to your existing balance and you can use them however and whenever you wish.

Here is a pricing example.  In London, the Melia White House is 24,126 points per night.  This is an absolute bargain at under £75, based on paying 0.357 Eurocents per point.

Melia buy points bonus

It is also worth noting that Melia makes ALL room categories, including suites, available for points.  Standard rooms are usually the best value but you should save on the normal cash rate whatever category you book.

The funky lifestyle hotel ME London on The Strand, below, is 41,360 points, which would cost you £127.  You would pay double that for cash.

Melia buy points bonus

Innside New York NoMad, reviewed here, is an excellent way to use up MeliaRewards points but that is a bit risky to book speculatively given that there is no sign of US tourism opening up this year.

You could, on the other hand, take a punt on the UK quarantine situation and get an excellent deal in Spain or Portugal (Melia is a Spanish-owned chain) by buying and redeeming points.  It looks like Melia is trying to quietly sell rooms at heavily discounted prices via the back door without having to reduce its headline prices for those willing to pay the standard rate.

You can purchase Melia points here.

Get a hotel deal with a Melia 40% buy points bonus