Get rid of pests and pathogens safely

“Contactless” is the new buzzword these days. COVID-19 has seen it become the norm in many aspects, from making payments to organising virtual events; and it now extends to hygiene products and pest control, too. Whether you’re a business owner or you just want to make things more convenient and safer at home, here are six handy contactless pest control and hygiene services and products on offer from Rentokil Initial Singapore.

#1 Mosquito trap

Dengue has always been an issue for those of us living in Singapore, with case numbers rising over the years. So we want to do what we can to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in our homes and workplaces. Here’s a contactless pest control product to consider.

In2Care mosquito trap outdoors contactless pest control

Rentokil Initial has an outdoor mosquito trap that makes things much easier. The In2Care mosquito trap attracts mosquitoes to lay eggs within the trap, contaminating them with larvicide. After that, moquitoes carry the larvicide to other breeding spots, killing eggs before they develop. What’s more, the trap not only works on its own (with help from the mosquitoes, of course!); it also reduces breeding and therefore the spread of dengue, and it works beyond your place to benefit others, too. The larvicide also affects the infected mosquito’s ability to bite, killing it within seven to 14 days. It targets mosquitoes at all life stages, from larvae to adults.

#2 Surface disinfection

Bacteria and viruses can stay on surfaces longer than we think. To ensure that harmful pathogens are not lurking in our homes and offices, it’s important to sanitise and disinfect regularly. This is particularly key for high-touch areas such as office pantries and even table tops at home. Most of our regular cleaning routines only target dirt or dust but disinfection and sanitisation processes reduce the presence of bacteria and viruses. So knowing this, don’t only stop at wiping down surfaces but remember to disinfect too.

Disinfecting and sanitising takes a lot of work so why not get some help? By coating surfaces through misting, Rentokil Initial’s Surface Shield treatment is said to remove 99.99 percent of pathogens. The disinfection product lasts up to 30 days. Once it’s dried, it kills bacteria and viruses that come into contact with it. The odourless and stainless water-based solution can also withstand regular cleaning so it won’t disrupt your routine.

#3 Non-touch washroom products

There are many touch points in a washroom, from door handles and taps to toilet seats and soap dispensers. For workplaces, in particular, this is especially concerning as many people use the same space. To help to minimise contact with surfaces, Rentokil Initial offers some handy hygiene products for the washroom.

Initial contactless cleaning non-touch bathroom products

With COVID-19, we’re even more aware of the importance of washing and sanitising our hands. To prevent cross contamination, get non-touch hand soap dispensers. These are easy to clean and allow about 1,600 dispenses before needing a refill. You can also install the Initial Feminine Hygiene disposal unit for sanitary pads – just wave at the sensor and wait for the lid to open. And there’s also toilet seat cleaners to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Elsewhere in your office, you can add on hand sanitiser dispensers for your staff. These are great to use throughout the day, in addition to regular hand washing. Rentokil Initial’s alcohol hand sanitisers are also said to kill 99.9 percent of germs (and they dry fast).

#4 Air purifier

Beyond viruses, we’re exposed every day to many other pollutants in the air – from car exhaust fumes outside to chemicals at home. Particles from these different sources can affect our health and wellbeing; so, keeping air quality in check is key.

With this in mind, one great option is the Initial Hygiene InspireAir 72. This air-purification device comes with HEPA 13 filtration and activated carbon VOC filtration. It not only removes pesky odours but is also said to remove 95 percent of harmful particles in the air.

#5 Antibacterial door handle

Yes, there’s such a thing! Door handles are commonly touched surfaces, so Rentokil Initial has come up with a “smart” device to tackle this. 

The Hygienic Touch comes with antibacterial agents such as silver ions; these are said to be able to get rid of 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses. Just easily snap it into place on your door handle and you’re good to go. There’s also a colour changing indicator to alert you when it’s time to replace it (usually every six months). This snazzy product can come in especially helpful at the office!

Initial antibacterial door handle contactless cleaning

#6 Rodent control

With COVID-19, there’s the risk of cross-contamination. So why not try a contactless pest control option?

The Rentokil Initial’s Digital Rodent Control cuts down unnecessary physical interaction. It uses sensing features to monitor movement and activity. When a rat is caught or a follow-up is needed, the system is alerted and a specialist can be sent down. What’s great is that the high-tech rat trap is also able to detect the creatures’ movements in the night or in blind spots when and where inspection is not possible.

What else?

Opting for contactless pest control and hygiene services and products can help to reduce cross contamination and cut down on physical interactions. The Rentokil Initial team just needs to pop by your office or home to install the products or carry out services when required. With the current emphasis on safe distancing and reduced contact, this is a great and safe option for the new normal.

transfer money overseas Woman on phone outdoors

What’s more, you can also conveniently access and keep track of your service visits via the myRentokil portal. You’ll get other useful information there too, such as recommendations, trends, safety data and reports. And, of course, payment can be done online and on mobile.


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Get rid of pests and pathogens safely