Gift-Worthy Beauty & Wellness Launches from TONIC Just in Time for the Holidays

SAYRE, Pa.TONIC, a farm-to-bottle cannabinoid wellness brand, has built a cult following and stellar reputation by carefully crafting quality-driven products that reflect the wants and needs of modern, conscious consumers.

While the TONIC brand was built on products that care for your ‘inner space’, 2021 marked TONIC’s entry into a new stratosphere of wellness with the launch of their ‘Outer Space’ skin care line. The new line solidified TONIC’s position as an industry-leading innovator, setting the stage for their latest launches, landing just in time for the holiday season.

“Whether we’re making products for your inner space or outer space, we’re grounded in the same mission of bringing the most healing to the most people and guided by the same idea that where our bodies lack, nature provides,” says Brittany Carbone, TONIC’s Founder & CEO.

TONIC’s newest products speak to what customers love most about the brand, but also create accessible entry points for new customers. “The benefits of CBD can be experienced in many different ways, but for new users topical applications or products that seamlessly integrate with existing routines and rituals are key,” says Carbone.

TONIC kicked off the season with the much-anticipated launch of a luxurious bath soak modeled after their best-selling ‘Chronic’ TONIC pain-relief topical. “The magic of our Chronic roll-on is the proprietary blend of 7 essential oils that target inflammation and soothe discomfort while enhancing CBD’s ability to absorb into the skin and get to work”, says Carbone, “we have so many customers who swear by Chronic. Many of them actually stating they wish they could bathe in it. That’s what inspired the soak!”.

This product is incredibly soothing, restorative and perfect for gifting, providing an accessible entry point for those looking to dip their toe into the CBD waters (pun intended).

Just this week, TONIC launched their limited edition Space Case: a gift set that promises to make you look as young as you’ll feel when you break into the bright, kaboodle-style case that includes Outer Space Renewal Oil and Body Butter, a super cute scrunchie to sport while you space out, a one-of-a-kind, totally-on-trend ‘Fix Your Vibe’ bracelet, and an exclusive sticker set to decorate your case!

The perfect gift for elder millennials or Gen Zs who are unironically rocking UFO pants like it’s 1997.

Learn more about TONIC’s Chronic Bath Soak here.

Learn more about Space Case here.


Gift-Worthy Beauty & Wellness Launches from TONIC Just in Time for the Holidays