Giveaway: 365 Readings in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin

We’re giving away a free advance copy of Daily Scriptures 365 Readings in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin by Jacob C. Cerone and Matthew C. Fisher. A collection of daily Bible readings in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin with lexical aids, this book is for use both as a devotional and as a way to practice biblical languages.


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About the Book

Pastors, students, and scholars not in the midst of language coursework often find it difficult to maintain their knowledge of biblical languages like Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. For those looking to do so in a meaningful but manageable way, this devotional offers 365 short daily readings, pairing an Old Testament passage in Hebrew and Greek with a corresponding New Testament passage in Greek and Latin. Lexical notes in English are included as a way of facilitating a comfortable reading experience that will build one’s confidence and ability in reading the Hebrew Bible, the Septuagint, the Greek New Testament, and the Latin Vulgate.

“Our goal and our purpose for this volume is to keep you in the languages, keep you fed in the Word, and hopefully spark a desire to explore more deeply how the New Testament at its core relies upon the Old Testament Scriptures.”

— from the introduction


Giveaway: 365 Readings in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin