Glitchmachines Tactic: Metamorphic rhythm generator

Glitchmachines Tactic

Tactic is a powerful percussive phrase generator utilising 8 sample slots, 4 sequencers and a lot of per-step modulation and randomising action.


It’s all about metamorphic rhythms and evolving sequences. It’s about scattering in an idea and then letting Tactic do the work of messing it about in interesting ways.

You have 8 sample slots at the top into which you can drop samples from the vast included library or add your own. There are controls over start and end-points, pitch and volume of each slot. The sample slots are run by a trigger sequencer and supported by 2 modulation sequencers and a generative sequencer. Anything and everything can be done on a per-step basis.

Everything has probability going on whether it’s on notes, movement, generation or modulation. You can push Tactic into extreme chaos or dial it back into some very organic grooves.

The trigger sequencer consists of 16 steps into which you can program any sample, no sample or ask Tactic to choose one for you on every pass. The modulation sequencers let you choose parameters to mess with while the generative sequencer brings in parameter randomisation – and all of this individually controllable per-step.

Tactic is a load of fun and looks brilliant in a very clear and arresting interface. It can do everything from providing a background rumble to being your entire track. Glitchmachines recommend running it with some of their other plugins but it’s also quite capable of holding its own.

Tactic is available now for $49 for Windows and macOS VST/AU.

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Glitchmachines Tactic: Metamorphic rhythm generator