Gossip Girl Episode 3 Twitter Reaction: Fans can’t help but compare reboot to OG 2007 show

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The revamped Gossip Girl is finally underway and is releasing a new episode weekly, after a mixed review last week on their previous 2 episodes, looks like the third episode has managed to garner the pique on die-hard GG fans. Titled "Lies Wide Shut" the episode, like most others of the show and its franchise, packs lots of drama and huge scandals on the Upper East side of New York. Constance Billard’s new batch will have you thrilled and on the edge of your seat throughout the episode as the newbie Zoya tries to set her footing with the elite, but they make it challenging. 


As the episode featured how the school authorities are on a mission to identify and reveal GG. Meanwhile, Max lends a hand to Julien after his break-up! Fans also get teased with the explosive reason behind newbie Zoya’s expulsion from her previous school. Amping up the theatricals, ​​Audrey and Max’s secret relationship is also on the verge of being exposed! As the plot thickens while heading into episode 4 next week, we look back at what GG fans thought of the second episode. Scroll down to see what Twitterati had to say. 


One social media user tweeted: “Luna giving Zoya etiquette tips was really funny, one of the best interactions of this ep! #GossipGirl.” One said: “Thomas Doherty showed what he came from and gave us a strong and powerful acting as Max in this episode #GossipGirl.”


But like OG GG fans, many social media users couldn’t help but compare the episode to snippets from the original 2007 show, one said: “these blair x audrey parallels are keeping me alive #GossipGirl.” Another compared: “audrey & blair confessing after hooking up with max & chuck.... MY CHEATERS #GossipGirl.”


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Gossip Girl Episode 3 Twitter Reaction: Fans can’t help but compare reboot to OG 2007 show