Has the Sun Set on Moon Knight? 4 Places We Think the Hero Could Show Up Next

This week has been a big one for Marvel. Not only did the latest blockbuster Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hit screens, but we also got the finale of Moon Knight, the MCU’s newest hero on Disney+.

Now that the series is over it begs the question, is this the last we’ll see of Moon Knight? Probably not, so let’s theorise where he might show up next.

Spoilers for Moon Knight ahead.

Where could Moon Knight’s next appearance be?

Moon Knight Season 2

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While Moon Knight did resolve many of its main arcs at the end of episode 6, it certainly left the door open for more.

In particular, we learned that there were more personalities than just Marc Spector and Steven Grant. The reveal that Jake Lockley has also been assisting Khonshu at the end of Moon Knight was a surprise many comic book fans saw coming, but we barely got to know him before the credits rolled.

There’s been no word on whether the second season of Moon Knight or a solo movie is in the works at Marvel. Oscar Isaac’s Marvel contract also only covered the one season, so he has no obligation to return.

But that doesn’t mean he won’t. After all, a second season of Moon Knight is certainly an enticing prospect.

Marvel Halloween Special

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Image: Marvel

Despite being an MCU series, Moon Knight barely connected to the wider universe of Marvel projects at all. That being said, Moon Knight has plenty of crossover with Marvel characters in the comics, so the character is primed to appear in other projects.

One of the most likely of those would be the upcoming untitled Marvel Halloween Special. The special is said to focus on the Werewolf By Night storyline, with Gael Garcia Bernal apparently set to play said werewolf.

This is significant because Moon Knight was actually first introduced in Werewolf By Night. So, if the Halloween special follows that storyline, it’s very possible we could see Moon Knight again in October.


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Image: Marvel

Another supernatural hero we know is coming to the big screen soon is Blade. Marvel is revamping (pun intended) the vampire-hunting hero with Mahershala Ali in the lead and it could open the doors wide into the supernatural world for the MCU.

We’ve already had hints that Blade will cross over with other characters in the MCU. His voice was heard at the end of Eternals after all. Not to mention he and Moon Knight have a pretty rich history in the comics, so it’s entirely possible the fist of Khonshu could cameo in Blade.

Midnight Sons

midnight sons marvel moon knight
Image: Marvel

One project that could bring everyone together under one roof is a Midnight Sons team-up.

The Marvel team of supernatural heroes has featured the likes of Blade, Morbius, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, Punisher and Moon Knight – all of whom have appeared in some form or another in live-action Marvel projects over the years.

A Midnight Sons project would be the perfect opportunity to bring Marvel’s supernatural defenders together in a way that doesn’t overcrowd the Avengers. Plus it would feature star talent like Benedict Cumberbatch, Mahershala Ali and Oscar Isaac on one screen.

Please make it happen, Marvel Gods.

All episodes of Moon Knight are streaming on Disney+ right now.

Where do you think Moon Knight will show up next? Let us know in the comments.

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Has the Sun Set on Moon Knight? 4 Places We Think the Hero Could Show Up Next