Hathor, Ancient Egyptian Goddess of the Sky, Love, Celebration and Gratitude

“Celebrate yourself, acknoweldge your successes and live each day in gratitude.”

That’s the oracle message Hathor brings through via the Angels Among Us Guidebook.

As will all the Ancient Egyptian deities (and many others), it’s always tricky to know exactly what they were the gods or goddesses of, as they morphed and changed with the people, the culture, the people’s needs and how they viewed the world.

Hathor is known for many things, including (but not limited to!) being a sky goddess, the goddess of love, of celebration and music, gratitude, grace, and so much more.

In a nutshell, Hathor is the party planner of the spiritual realms and she can help you to acknowledge and celebrate your successes and achievements. But you don’t have to “achieve” in a capitalistic, patriarchal way for Hathor to think you’re worth of a big bash. Just getting out of bed each day, trying to be a decent human, showing love to others, these are all things that are worthy of celebration every single day.

From the Angels Among Us Guidebook:

“Hathor is an Ancient Egyptian Sky Goddess who is usually depicted as a woman with the head or the ears of a cow. She is an uplifting and loving mother goddess who is associated with women, women’s health, love, fertility, the heart, the planet Venus, music, dance, joy, rebirth, rejuvenation and feminine expression. She is also the consort of Horus. When Hathor appears it is time to celebrate life and all of its gifts.”

Hathor Angels Among Us Oracle

Hathor from the Angels Among Us Oracle by me, Victoria Maxwell and Ellie Grant

Hathor also brings us a reminder to connect with gratitude. And not just in the keeping a gratitude journal way (although that can be useful), Hathor reminds us that in every moment there is something to be grateful for - in every breath, every sunrise, every smile and every cup of tea.

Gratitude is talked about so much in the spiritual community, but it’s not something we can really do. it’s an energy, a consciousness to embody.

You don’t “do” gratitude, you live gratitude.

And the more gratitude we find in each moment, the more that energy expands and fills our entire being, our relationships, our work, our entire lives.

We focus so much on manifestation, what we want for the future, but imagine if we focused just as much (or even more!) on the here and now, on all the magic and wonder of this present moment.

A helpful mantra to carry with you to activate more gratitude consciousness in your life is simply this:

“I love my life.”

The more you say it, or think it, the more in love with your life you fall, the more you’ll find to celebrate and the more Hathor-like you will become.

If you’d like to connect deeper with the energy of Hathor, grab your deck - tarot, angel, oracle, whatever you have, and take some time to work with Hathor’s questions and prompts below.

Hathor Tarot Spread

1. How/where to find gratitude

2. What to celebrate

3. How to honour yourself

4. How to Love your life

If you share your readings with this spread or the Angels Among Us Oracle on socials please drop me a tag so I can find you and say hey! I’m @newagehipster333 on IG and @newagehipster333 on FB and I’d love to connect and see your readings! :D

With love, light and gratitude,



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Hathor, Ancient Egyptian Goddess of the Sky, Love, Celebration and Gratitude