Here is Why You Should Consider Wedding Insurance

According to The Knot, the average cost of a wedding in the US has risen to $33,931 and the cost of wedding insurance is just $125 USD (subject to change) if you purchase the policy online from Front Row Insurance.

If you are spending over $30K on your wedding, it only makes sense to pay a few hundred more to insure it. A wedding insurance policy can help protect couples against the most common wedding insurance claims, such as alcohol-fueled guest injuries and property damage.

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Below are a few wedding day “horror stories” to get you thinking about insurance:

New York Wedding Insurance | Wedding Insurance NYC

A New York couple’s wedding venue was destroyed by a windstorm. Tents were tossed by the wind and a cameraman was taken to hospital with a broken wrist. “I was ready to just run away,” lamented the groom.

The above example involves bodily injury and property damage, which are both covered under Commercial General Liability in a wedding insurance policy. A guest who breaks their wrist at your wedding may decide to sue you for damages and the wedding insurance would pay for the cost of a lawyer to defend you.

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California Wedding Insurance | Wedding Insurance CA

At a wedding in California, the photographer had a great group photo suggestion on a nearby dock. The entire wedding party gathered on the dock and while posing, the weather-beaten wood dock collapsed under their collective weight and sent everyone into the water!

The above example also involves bodily injury and property damage, which are both covered under Commercial General Liability. This coverage is designed to protect against all sums up to the coverage limit that the insured shall become legally obligated to pay for bodily injury, property damage or personal and advertising injury to third parties arising out of the operations of the insured wedding.

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Wedding Insurance USA: Buy Online

Wedding insurance in the US can be purchased online 24/7 from Front Row Insurance. Wedding professionals and venues can be added as an additional insured to the policy, free. This protects everyone involved in the event.

Note: this program is currently only available to residents of California, New York and Texas. Are you in Canada? Buy wedding insurance here.

About: Front Row Insurance Brokers LLC is an independent insurance broker that specializes in the entertainment industry. Front Row works hard to provide insurance protection for a very low cost. Should a claim occur, Front Row works diligently with clients and insurers to expedite the payment. Offices in: NY, Nashville, LA, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax.

DISCLAIMER: Informational statements regarding insurance coverage are for general description purposes only. These statements do not amend, modify or supplement any insurance policy. Consult the actual policy or your broker for details regarding terms, conditions, coverage, exclusions, products, services and programs which may be available to you. Your eligibility for particular products and services is subject to the final determination of underwriting qualifications and acceptance by the insurance underwriting company providing such products or services. This guest blog post does not make any representations that coverage does or does not exist for any particular claim or loss, or type of claim or loss, under any policy. Whether coverage exists or does not exist for any particular claim or loss under any policy depends on the facts and circumstances involved in the claim or loss and all applicable policy wording.


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Here is Why You Should Consider Wedding Insurance