Hidden Gems: What is yours?

Trying something out this week. Whats your hidden gem from either Marvel or DC? It could be a character or a series. I will share my newest one here, but what i want is yours. No spec needed, just a book and reason why. I will add the suggestion with an image over the next week so check back later.

Stanley and His Monster

randomly came across this when i was looking for a cheap book to get to a discount. This is a short series from late sixties, first appearance was in Fox and the Crow #95. Quickly Stanley took over the series, but it eventually ended with Issue 112. There are a lot of great covers for these issues, they toe the line between really goofy and slightly scary.

Stanley had one more solo series in the nineties which tried giving the monster a demon background. They even introduced the demon NYX to short 4 issue mini.

Stanley has popped in to a few more forgotten DC series since aging Stanley and having a more evil monster/alien. Conjurors and the occasional Constantine interaction. these books are not expensive, but they are not on the DC app to read, or in Trade.

Whats your hidden gem?

Hidden Gems: What is yours?