Hip Hip not Hooray

Bad news for me…I’ve been having some really bad hip pain for a long time now. When I was pregnant with Logan I had horrible SI Joint pain, that plagued me for years after–even with PT. Cortisone shots eventually helped. I was able to be somewhat pain-free in that regard with Zoey. But when I was pregnant with Zoey I had “pubic symphysis disorder” which basically meant every time I walked it felt like my pelvis was breaking apart in two. It was not fun.

After I had Zoey, I had horrible hip pain and could barely walk for 6 weeks. More cortisone shots, weekly massages and chiro visits. I was finally able to feel like “normal” again. I was resuming (slowly) some of my old exercises.

Well recently, I started having bad hip/leg pain (in a different way). I saw my Ortho doc (who I’ve been seeing for years for hip and knee) and unfortunately I may have either a hip labral tear or a pregnancy induced stress fracture in my hip.

The cause of labral tears:
Bony abnormalities in the hip joint (hip impingement)
Hip muscle tightness
Hip muscle weakness
An unstable hip joint
Improper technique when performing repetitive activities
Participation in sports that require distance running, or repetitive twisting and cutting
Typical wear-and-tear over time

I have had weak and tight hips for years. I’ve been trying for years (PT and exercising) to fix that. My SI Joint issue has definitely created an unstable hip joint. I do not do high impact exercises anymore, but I did for a long time.

I have an MRI in a few weeks. It’s extremely painful. I’m pretty upset and feeling depressed and sad that my summer will be me crippled and possibly needing surgery. I guess I will be destined for a hip replacement at some point, too. I always thought the knee would get me in the end.

If anyone has been through any of this, I’d love some encouragement!

Over the holiday weekend I ended up in the ER because the pain was getting so much worse. I spent 7 hours there!!

Thankfully I brought my pump, snacks and my kindle! It was awful. I got an X-Ray and CT scan and they didn’t show any obvious hip fractures. The MRI will show more, but that was good news. So the doc send me home with Percocet and prednisone. The prednisone has sort of started taking the edge off the pain but I know that I will need an injection to really do anything. I am hoping the MRI gets moved up. 🙁

It was definitely not how I wanted to spend my holiday weekend! I basically spent my whole weekend immobile, feeling sick and in pain.

However, on the 4th we did make it to the local park for a BBQ. It was a nice way to spend a sunny day. We had hot dogs, chips and shaved ice. Logan played in the playground and we lounged in the shade and relaxed. Zoey napped. 🙂

We spent several hours there and it was a nice refresher. I wish we could have gone for a hike. 🙁 I really hope I can get some answers and a fix asap!

Source: 110pounds.com

Hip Hip not Hooray