Hot Sales and Ice Cold Deals: Original Art Throwdown!

Welcome back to another week of Hot Sales and Ice Cold deals presented by this week we will be focusing on just one sale.


The great Tyler Kirkham dropped the original art for his Invincible #2 Atom Eve “Battle Damaged” cover on the Whatnot app this past weekend!


Last year Tyler began putting out his signature cover with Whatnot on the Invincible reprints. Creating this iconic look with the very first exclusive featuring Mark on the cover, followed with Omni Man, and now Atom Eve, Tyler’s “Battle Damaged” cover has now become a trademark look that will only be available on Whatnot titles. Doing what so many artists wish they could do, Tyler has truly created a signature look that hits time and time again!



Each cover consistently has drawn (see what I did there) huge demand, and desirability, which has translated into monster O.A. sales for each! The original art for both Invincible, and Omni Man went for over 8k! This past weekend Tyler did it again with a monster sale for the Atom Eve piece!



Selling the original art for $7,750, as well as the preliminary art for $2,500!! With the hat trick in the bag Tyler continues to push the boundaries and limits of what can be done with art and what can be done on the app! Proving that Whatnot can be the place where an artist can take their career to new levels. Not just only with what they can do sales wise, but also connecting with their community more intimately through the app and grow their community, and following!


Whatnot week over week is breaking records and shattering expectations, and is continually growing into a more viable space to sell high end, unique, and one of a kind items!


Thank you again to for hosting another week of Hot Sales and Ice Cold Deals where we recap weekly record setting sales and deals on the Whatnot app.


Make sure to download the app today! Until next time!


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Hot Sales and Ice Cold Deals: Original Art Throwdown!