Hot Sales and Ice Cold Deals: Rise of the Bartbarian

We’re back! With another week to recap from some amazing sales and deals found on the Whatnot app, the number place to buy comics! Right here on is the only place that you’ll find these stats from the app!


Starting off strong with a great sale well above FMV comes from the new comer taking the app by storm, Kalen’s Collectibles a.k.a. kalens_collectibles on the app with a great sale of a CBCS 9.8 Secret Wars #8 for a staggering $895 on the app! Previously sold listings on eBay range from the low 600s to low 700s range, showing once again that slabs are highly sought after on the app.



Keeping it Spidey themed for the web heads out there, we’ll swing over to our next highlight for some Spider Woman and ASM goodness! With a slab hitting just under eBay prices and a couple of Amazing raw keys brining in the high dollar bids! (Normally I highlight the sellers name here, but I missed this one, my bad on that!)



For the headliner mega sale of the week comes from Aaron Bartling a.k.a. bartbarian on the app, artist of the Good Boy #1 Whatnot Exclusive made waves and set records for his sale of his own cover on the app!  Remarking a metal cover of Good Boy #1 Aaron was able to draw a whopping $1211 on this amazing title, and beautiful variant! Talk about finishing the show with a bang!



The app is continuing to be the place for artists to show off and sell their art. Tying into last weeks article featuring Jae Lee and Artgerm we’ve seen some incredible O.A. go for unbelievable deals, as well as for top dollar prices! The app is continuing to show that if you aren’t there, you’re missing out on these moments where you can be a part of mega sale or mega deal history! As the year continues to go on I am sure we will see more and more artists hosting shows, seeing this as a viable alternative for traveling all over the country to sell their art. As well buyers now can put their money 100% into collecting art, as opposed to having to pay for a flight, hotel, food, and other expenses related to conventions to get art from their favorite artists. Whatnot is turning into a 365 day a year virtual artist alley!


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Hot Sales and Ice Cold Deals: Rise of the Bartbarian