Hot Sales and Ice Cold Deals: The New CGC Unboxing ft. Comic Man Andy

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Pushing the limits and boundaries of what can be done when it comes to any and all things in the comic world, the beloved community member Comic Man Andy made waves this past Friday on his latest Whatnot stream!

Andy took to the Whatnot app and did the first ever blind CGC unboxing sale that garnered some great attention, hot sales, and some ice cold deals! We’ve seen the CGC or CBCS unboxing videos done over and over again on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. We’ve even had streamers unbox their slabbed comics live on the app, but Andy is the first to unbox and then move that item immediately into sale!


Creating the most entertaining streams that holds the attention of his viewers is something that Andy strives to continue to improve every single Friday when he goes live. Every stream Andy is pushing those boundaries and doing it bigger and better every single time. No doubt that other streamers will follow suit with this idea (I know I sure will.).



Taking risk is something Andy is not afraid to do on the app, and this one surely paid off! Selling his Invincible #1 Gold Foil Variant for a very impressive $2400 (did I mention Andy starts everything at a $1)! If you’re thinking that isn’t that impressive, because this is such a hot book, remember Andy dropped this without anyone knowing it was coming! This was a complete surprise without advertising this book, this sale could’ve ended up being a huge steal if some high rolling buyers hadn’t happened to stop by. But that’s the special thing about Andy, no matter what he is selling he can build and hold an audience like nobody else can on the app.



Speaking of potential deals you can find on Whatnot, a great ice cold deal found it’s way in on the same sale for Andy. This is the beauty of the Whatnot app, it is great for both buyers and sellers! Be at the right place at the right time and you can end up taking books home for 50% of FMV or even cheaper! That’s exactly what happened here, lazypaul took this Omniman slab home for 50% of FMV at just $346!


Thank you again to for hosting another week of ‘Hot Sales, and Ice Cold Deals’ where we continue to spotlight the most impressive sales and deals on the app every single week.


Make sure to check out Comic Man Andy on the app if you want to not only buy some amazing books, but also be entertained by one of the most fun and engaging streamers on the platform.


Until next time!

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Hot Sales and Ice Cold Deals: The New CGC Unboxing ft. Comic Man Andy