How Essential Are Professional Data Protection Services to Businesses?

The global cyber security market continues to grow by leaps and bounds thanks to the ever-growing threat from hackers and other cybercriminals. Consequently, many companies, including ZenMate, have emerged to provide professional services to businesses and individuals who would like to keep their data away from criminals. It begs the question; are professional data protection services worth it? Experts would say “YES” and here are some of the reasons they can give:

1. Protect Your Business’s Private Data against Criminals

With many businesses having a web presence these days, hackers have so much data they can breach, sitting on the internet. That means they can steal your data and hold your businesses to ransom, demanding money or making ridiculous demands before they can agree to reinstate it, of their own accord. The suspension of your normal operations even as you try to resolve the situation may result in a massive loss of revenue. According to ZenMate VPN review, it’s better to have companies to protect your business at a small fee rather than putting your data in jeopardy simply because you don’t want to spend money.

2. Safeguard Your Business from Potential Lawsuits and Penalties

Hackers stealing your data and putting your business in jeopardy is one thing. Them stealing your clients’ personal details is quite another. Trust me, you do not want to have your clients’ data in the hands of criminals because the consequences of that can be dire, to say the least. The potential lawsuits and the resultant penalties for that can be painstakingly unsurvivable.

In June 2018, a UK retailer called Dixons Carphone was hit by a massive data theft incidence, which saw the credit card and personal details of nearly 14 million customers get in the wrong hands. As you would expect, the business was sued, creating a lawsuit that eventually culminated with a hefty fine amounting to over $500,000. Had the company sought out the assistance of a good professional VPN and data protection service like ZenMate, this would have not happened.

3. Secure Your Revenue and Avoid Going Bankrupt or Closing Down

As you’ve already seen, failure to keep the data of your clients away from cybercriminals can result in a massive financial penalty, which when you settle, may set your business back a great deal. Many businesses have gone bankrupt and even in worst-case scenarios collapsed after compensating their clients with millions of dollars. Clearly, it isn’t worth the risk

4.Retain Your Customers’ Trust and Loyalty

When customers offer their personal details to companies, they are expecting the companies to keep those details safe and secure. According to Ponemon Institute’s research, 79% of customers believe that it’s companies responsibility to secure their customers’ personal information by taking appropriate data protection measures. When companies are hacked and as a result had their customers’ personal details get in the wrong hands, customers instantly withdraw their trust and loyalty, especially if the affected businesses will not take responsibility for that.

According to a 2019 study that was conducted by Ponemon Institute in collaboration with IBM Security, 65% of consumers who had been victims of business data breaches said they lost trust in their respective companies. Additionally, 27% of the consumers ceased doing business with those companies entirely.

That said, seeking professional data protection services will ensure that your customers’ personal details are safe and not able to be accessed by hackers. That way, you get to avoid hacking incidences, allowing your consumers to continue trusting you with their data and doing business with you.

Final Thoughts

While enlisting professional data protection services can add to your business’s expenditure, the value you will get out of these services surpass any amounts you will part with for that. From protecting your business’s data from criminals and keeping your customers’ personal details from getting into the wrong hands to safeguarding your revenue and retaining your customers’ trust and loyalty, there are many amazing ways in which you can benefit from services such as ZenMate, which are focused on keeping your business’s and customers’ data away from cybercriminals.

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How Essential Are Professional Data Protection Services to Businesses?