How One Second of Action Can Unlock a Year of Excuses

November 26, 2021 — Excuses feel more intimidating the longer you procrastinate, but it only takes one second to prove them wrong.

In November of 2020, I finished my 365 Comics challenge, and the next thing I wanted to do was to level up my illustration style.

I had this vision of a post-apocalyptic comic series called “The Wasteland of Conformity” where I’d post creative self-help tips with the general vibe of Captain Underpants meets The Matrix meets Fallout 4.

So I started sketching out some ideas, and immediately it was like…

“YES! This is perfect!!”

But when I went to illustrate, I got stuck.

Basically, I had come up with a good idea, and I was scared that the finished product wouldn’t live up to the version in my head.

My excuses piled up for weeks, then months…until one day…

It was a full year later, and I still hadn’t made a single illustration for my series.

Hack: The Root Excuse

Two days ago, I randomly picked up my Apple Pencil and illustrated the first comic in my “Wasteland” series.

It was like…WHAT THE HECK??

Initially, my sudden burst of inspiration made no sense, but when I thought back, I realized the whole story started with ONE EXCUSE

…the belief that an orange strap on my “VR” character’s head wouldn’t look right on a yellow background.

As soon as my Pencil touched the iPad, I realized all I had to do was add a black outline around the end of the strap…

That tiny excuse led to a whole skyscraper of procrastination—but the truth is, whether you’ve been you’ve been stuck thinking, “It won’t work…” for a day, a week, a month, or a whole year…

It only takes one second to say: “Let’s find out!”

Excuses are a mile high and an inch deep.

p.s. If you liked this story, you can find more comics and video guides on Instagram @fthelines and on YouTube. No excuses! —Andrew (:

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How One Second of Action Can Unlock a Year of Excuses