How To Avoid Team Misalignment & Founder Burnout

One of the hardest parts of being a leader is aligning your team…

You know what you want.

You see the vision.

But your team?

Are they running in circles throwing punches in the dark?

Without alignment…

It’s like watching your team charge into battle with no idea where they’re going (or where the enemy is).

And not only does this kill momentum and success…

It crushes your team’s spirits – and you may even lose soldiers!

It’s why Kodak went bankrupt…

BlackBerry lost market share…

And why McDonald’s sold salads nobody wanted.

Misalignment is a war strategy for disaster.

The good news is…

If you can get everyone charging into battle according to a well-orchestrated plan…

…where everyone is in complete alignment.

It’s like rocket fuel for your business.

This is what I was sharing with Kenneth the other day when he came to me asking about how he can keep his team focused and engaged.

He’s the co-founder of IPPI, a data aggregation tool for real estate brokers.

They’ve grown quickly and are about to expand their territory internationally.

But they need to regroup and realign before they go out into uncharted waters.

Watch today’s episode to learn how to align your team for success.

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In this episode, you’re also going to hear about:

  1. The 3 Meetings Every Leader Needs
  2. Elon Musk’s “Vector Leadership” Principle
  3. Why Flat Hierarchies NEVER Work
  4. The “5×5 Rule”
  5. #1 Reason So Many Leaders Burnout (And How To Avoid It)
  6. The 3 Most Important Skills a Leader Must Have
  7. The Golden Rule of International Expansion

Looking forward to hearing your biggest takeaways in the comments.



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How To Avoid Team Misalignment & Founder Burnout