How to Build a Summer Fire

Nothing caps off a day quite like a roaring campfire. But, one of the cruel ironies of summer is that even though we spend more time outside, the warm weather makes those perfect day-ending fires less comfortable to be around. Luckily, there’s a smarter way to build a fire that suits the season, so you can enjoy its crackle, smell, and glow, without having to break a sweat.  

Building a summer fire starts with sourcing the right wood. Unlike most fire-building techniques, a summer fire demands that you start with some green, unseasoned wood. Ideally, your green logs come from a slow-burning species of wood like white oak, ash, or birch. It’s also useful if they come whole and unsplit. Such wood won’t blaze as big, bright — or hot. Use the above tips to enjoy a cozy fire even in the heart of summer. 

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Illustrated by Ted Slampyak

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How to Build a Summer Fire