How to Improve Sex Life – Recommendations for Couples

A dry spell is a normal part of any relationship.

However, it doesn’t mean that partners should just give up and wait for it to pass. Sexual activity is good for our health, especially for men. Therefore, couples should try to get over any issues that they have.

There are numerous methods and tools couples can try to improve their sex life. They just need to find what works in their specific case, and this guide will share a couple of ideas. 

Sturdy Bed Frame for a Good Foundation

Readers might be surprised to find out that their mattress or bed frame might be the reason behind not-so-ideal sex life. The thing is, the bed is the foundation for sex, and it has to be good.

The first thing to consider is the bed frame. Nothing can ruin a passionate night like the annoying squeaky sounds of the bed (especially when living with kids or roommates). So, a good bed frame should be quiet and sturdy. Here is a great selection of appropriate bed frames for sex recommended by Sleepingocean. Each of these bed frames can deliver reliable support, giving partners the freedom to be as passionate as they want.

Another crucial aspect of this equation is the mattress. Ideally, it has to complement the movement of each partner. That’s why models that can offer resilient support and response are usually preferable for sex. They include latex, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses.  

Memory foam mattresses are among the most popular on the market, but they aren’t ideal for sex. The thing is, foam moves slowly after the pressure is applied. That’s why memory foam mattresses have that adaptive, cradling feel. But that’s also the reason why these mattresses often restrict movement during sex, which means they can easily ruin one’s intimate experience.

Maintain a Physical Connection with Each Other

Physical touch is one of the love languages. It can also increase the production of oxytocin, a hormone responsible for the sensations of emotional bonding, social connection, and trust. Therefore, touching, kissing, and cuddling can make partners re-establish physical (and emotional) intimacy. This is an essential step toward improving one’s sex life.

That being said, readers need to remember that maintaining a physical connection is effective only when they respect each other’s boundaries. Forcing cuddles or kisses when one of the partners isn’t into that (or simply isn’t in a mood) can cause them to dislike physical intimacy in the future. Thus, timing is everything. Partners should use physical touch only when both of them are on board.

A quick tip: it’s a rare occasion when someone turns down a gentle, relaxing massage. Therefore, couples can use it to safely strengthen their physical bond.

Have Honest Conversations with Your Partner

Often, sex issues arise when partners aren’t completely honest with each other. Whether they are shy toshare their fantasies or don’t want to offend each other by saying they don’t like something, this can only cause sex problems to root deeper.

Therefore, one of the best ways to improve one’s sex life is to talk about it. You and your partner can come up with a ritual that could allow you both to feel comfortable. For instance, schedule the so-called “sex-talk nights” when everyone is allowed to share whatever they want without being judged or causing offense. Couples can also write down their fantasies or the things they would like to change and then exchange those letters. 

Bond Over an Exciting Experience

Couples can try different exciting activities to get that dopamine kick and feel like it’s their honeymoon all over again. Going to an amusement park, on a road trip, or, let’s say, a concert can help partners bond over mutual experiences. Plus, the release of dopamine is usually linked to a sense of physical attraction. Therefore, doing something exciting together might help partners revive the spark.

Don’t Be Shy to Consult a Professional

Sometimes, the best way to improve one’s sex life involves taking care of one’s health. After all, lower libido and other sex issues can be caused by several health problems, including:

  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • neurological disorders;
  • undiagnosed depression;
  • alcoholism;
  • chronic diseases, etc.

Therefore, talking to a professional about their sex issues can help couples dig deeper and find the underlying source of the problem.

Try Something Different

The same repertoire can cause couples to lose interest in each other or simply enjoy sex less. If that’s the case, spicing things up may help. Couples can try new positions, different locations (even around the house), sex board games, watching an erotic movie together, experimenting with toys, and so on.

Move and Maintain a Connection with Your Own Body

Keeping in touch with their bodies can help couples tap into their sex drive. Additionally, physical activity has other benefits. Here are a few examples:

  • Regular exercise. Workouts can improve stamina, which may come in handy during intimate activities. Additionally, regular exercise increases the blood flow not only to the heart but also to the sexual organs. Plus, when working out shows results, it can also help partners develop a positive self-image and become more confident in bed.
  • Dancing. Like any other aerobic activity, dancing improves blood circulation. It’s also an excellent way to reach new levels of self-confidence and start feeling sexier. Moreover, dancing with your partner can increase the sex drive in both. Therefore, signing up for dancing classes can be an effective step toward improving one’s sex life.
  • Yoga. Practicing yoga can have multiple benefits. It can help improve pelvic muscle tone, boost mood, release tight hip joints, increase flexibility (allowing couples to try more positions), and reduce stress. Additionally, yoga teaches mindfulness, which can help couples stay present during intimate activities instead of being distracted by random thoughts.

Wrapping Up

Sex issues aren’t something to be ashamed or scared of. After all, there are numerous ways to deal with them. Couples just need to ensure they have an open dialogue and feel comfortable about testing different tools to find the most effective one.

How to Improve Sex Life – Recommendations for Couples