How to Make Nature Hikes Irresistible to Kids

Thoreau said it best when he declared, “All good things are wild and free.”

Unfortunately, our lives are becoming more and more tame and controlled.

As parents, we know the importance of kids (and ourselves) getting out into nature. Exercise, stress relief, vitamin D, imagination, sensory input, better moods and more are all solid reasons to get outside!

But sometimes kids can be resistant to the idea of ditching their devices and getting outside. 

A big thank you to Safari LLC for sponsoring this post!

As Charlotte Mason/Classical homeschoolers, we try to make it a habit to take nature walks on top of our daily backyard playtime.

But even though my kids have stoked the fires of curiosity and wonder in their lives; my announcements that we are going on a nature hike, are often met with groans.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get kids excited about nature hikes!

And one of them, is to arm them with observational tools.

Safari LLC has a bunch of options for making nature larger than life.


The classic binoculars are a wonderful way to get kids excited and keep them engaged during a nature hike!

Going on a nature hike at night can be thrilling! These binoculars by Safari LLC are actually called Luminoculars because there is a built in flashlight to illuminate what you are viewing!

There is also a convenient compass on the top. My boys love pairing maps with compasses as they navigate the trail. It gives them a sense of control and purpose.


Have your child channel their inner explore with this telescope! It’s great for helping spot distant landmarks or star clusters.

My son climbed up a tree and tried to find birds nest without disturbing the birds.

“Bug” Catcher

Safari’s “World’s Best Bug Jar” seems to be correctly titled! What makes this jar special is the magnifying lid, with an additional movable lens.

It’s truly amazing the detail you can see!

Of course, you don’t have to limit your treasures to insects! We loved looking at flowers and feathers too!

One of my boys observed that “every feather has more tiny feathers on it!”

P.S. This plastic spider came with the jar. Fear not!

A Multi-Tool

If you’re short on space, this Optic One tool is perfect to have with you on every journey!

The optic one comes with a compass.

It has multiple magnifying lens that can flip out and become binoculars.

And it even has a signaling mirror!

My kids love learning about safety and survival skills when out in nature, and having a way to communicate long distances is a great resource when roughin’ it!

The Parent

My best advice for getting your kids excited about nature, is to take an interest in it yourself.

Learn one or two common plant names, or take an identification guide with you. Biologist Elaine Brooks said “Humans seldom value what they cannot name.”

Above all, squeal with delight at it’s oddities, stare silently at it’s beauty.

Nature is full of an endless number of things to marvel and delight in. So go out into it!

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How to Make Nature Hikes Irresistible to Kids