I was told I was lazy, fat and needed a tummy tuck when I posted a photo of my three-month post-baby body

A MUM has hit back at “haters” who called her “disgusting” and “lazy” after she shared a snap of her “chubby” post-baby belly.

Sarah Nicole Landry, from Ontario in Canada, gave birth to her fourth baby just three months ago, describing it has her “hardest pregnancy yet” – and documented her journey online.

Sarah Nicole Landry, from Ontario in Canada, gave birth to her fourth baby just three months ago[/caption]

By the age of 25, the social media consultant had given birth to three children, and her weight had reached 16st 1lbs by 2013.

But after losing eight stone, she admitted she felt even more insecure about how her body looked, so has since vowed to embrace her natural body and share “real” photos online.

Now in her mid-thirties, the body-confidant mum, who goes by the name @thebirdspapaya on Instagram, has grown a following of loyal fans thanks to her empowering posts and body-positive message.

But with that comes a string of abuse from online trolls who take aim at her “real” unedited body as she showcases her stretchmarks and cellulite.

The mum-of-four proudly shows off her post-baby body online to normalise stretchmarks and cellulite[/caption]
She shared some of the hateful comments she’d received including people calling her ‘fat’ and ‘disgusting’[/caption]

Recently, Sarah posted three bikini-clad snaps on her Instagram which saw her posing in a tiny string bikini, but vicious trolls came at her with a series of hateful slurs.

In the caption, Sarah revealed that “haters” have said she was “lazy” for not losing weight and that she had no self respect – one even said she needed a tummy tuck and that her stretch marks were “gross”.

Some of the other nasty comments include: “McDonald’s employee of the month” and “more rolls than a bakery” but it didn’t end there.

Many tried to tell her that she “shouldn’t wear that”, referring to the bikini she had on, while another said she should “cover up for the sake of humanity”.

The body-confidant mum has built up an army of fans thanks to her honest and candid snaps[/caption]

Along with messages telling her to “diet” and “go to the gym” one troll even said that she was “too cute to be chubby.”

Another insisted that she should “stop living in the past” because her “body isn’t what it used to be” – but Sarah didn’t let it slide.

“We have to show that this is completely normal for a body to transition to after children OR even without children,” she said alongside the snaps.

And while she admits that the easiest thing to do is cover up, or disappear completely, the mum-of-four is determined to change the way people talk about women’s bodies.


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Sarah also highlighted some of the praise she received from other woman who thanked her for sharing such candid photos.

Many said the snaps made them “feel better” about their own bodies after giving birth, while many joked they are “twins”.

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I was told I was lazy, fat and needed a tummy tuck when I posted a photo of my three-month post-baby body