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October 31st, 2021 1-3PM ET

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Ice Cube Exits Sony Comedy ‘Oh Hell No’ After Declining COVID-19 Vaccine Ice Cube has departed Sony’s upcoming comedy, Oh Hell No, in which he would’ve co-starred with Jack Black, after declining a request from producers to get vaccinated, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter. Sony had no comment. A personal representative for the star declined to comment. WME, his agency, declined to comment. Oh Hell No is being produced by Matt Tolmach and Black, who both did not offer a comment. Ice Cube and Black partnered on the project in June. The Sony film was looking to shoot this winter in Hawaii with Kitao Sakurai, the filmmaker behind Netflix’s breakout comedy Bad Trip, in the director’s seat. Producers on Oh Hell No made the request that cast on the project would need to be vaccinated. The film is pushing back its production start. Black injured himself in June while filming a gag for the last episode of Conan but is still attached to the project. Sources tell THR the studio is looking to find a replacement for Ice Cube, who walked from a $9 million payday. Throughout the pandemic, Ice Cube has promoted mask-wearing. In August, Bacone College in Oklahoma thanked the star and others for a donation of 2,000 face masks to use as personal protective equipment. In April 2020, amid COVID-19 lockdowns, he unveiled “Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self” branded T-shirts, featuring the star in a mask, in partnership with the manufacturer Black Out, with proceeds to benefit frontline health workers.

Barrett and Kavanaugh Supply Majority to Deny Religious-Liberty Claim on Vaccine Mandate In a ruling Friday, the Supreme Court declined to block Maine from requiring vaccine mandates for healthcare workers who object on religious grounds. Maine requires all healthcare workers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and does not grant religious exemptions. A group of healthcare workers sought an emergency order from the Supreme Court that would block the requirement for those with religious objections. The court voted 6-3, with conservative Justices John Roberts and Trump-appointees Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett siding with the liberal justices. The majority did not give a reason for the decision, but conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch, joined by Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, issued a long dissent. “Unlike comparable rules in most other States, Maine’s rule contains no exemption for those whose sincerely held religious beliefs preclude them from accepting the vaccination,” Gorsuch wrote, adding that the healthcare workers who sought relief from the rule have served on the frontlines throughout the pandemic. “Yet, with Maine’s new rule coming into effect, one of the applicants has already lost her job for refusing to betray her faith; another risks the imminent loss of his medical practice,” he continued.

Arizona’s attorney general argues COVID vaccines not properly tested for safety PHOENIX — In his legal dispute with the Biden administration over mandates, Attorney General Mark Brnovich is now raising questions about whether COVID-19 vaccines were properly tested for safety. Brnovich, who is running in a crowded Republican primary for U.S. Senate, contends the COVID vaccines Arizonans are being offered have not gotten final approval, despite Food and Drug Administration statements to the contrary about the Pfizer vaccine. The latest version of his lawsuit filed in federal court says the process used by the FDA for full approval “has been significantly accelerated.’’ He cites the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control’s statement that vaccine licensing “is a lengthy process that can take 10 years or longer.’’  “It also involves three phases of clinical trials with humans before they can be licensed,’’ Brnovich says, quoting the CDS, adding that the Phase 3 trials on a large group of human subjects typically last several years. That time is used to compare vaccine recipients with others who have not been inoculated and to allow discovery of potential side effects.  In the case of the Pfizer vaccine, however, he said the Phase 3 trials were conducted from July 27, 2020 through mid-March of this year.

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Hi Robert and Super D!!
Please don’t laugh at me!!!
I can’t find the adds anymore on your website!!!! I’m looking for the Qi-Technology for one of my friend and I just can’t find any adds here of anything…is that normal????
Please help me!!! I’m confused!!
Thanks a lot!!!
Your fan from Quebec!
Annie the homeopath 🙂


How many people have seen positive results from the silver/aloe protocol?

Hour 2 ENCORE – Special Guest Bryan Ingram

Bryan Ingram has been a pioneer in the food security vertical for the past 10 years.  His mission is to ensure that health liberty is preserved for all people by providing decentralized and regenerative solutions in agriculture, and for data protocols that facilitate the constitutional individual rights around health, wellness and the pursuit of happiness.    He is the President of Elements Meals, a technology focused freeze and flash drying technology company which has captured the attention and collaboration of leading academic research and technology teams, including the University of South Carolina, NASA sponsored lunar and Martian simulation missions, and leading companies such as Whole30, Spartan Races, RMI and the Belgian Special Forces teams on providing the highest macronutrient meals in high impact environments.  Currently, Ingram has over 100,000 hectares set aside of congressionally approved land in the Philippines for the expansion of regenerative agricultural practices in the southern region and has secured one of 4 congressionally approved ISP licenses in the country that will vertically integrate regenerative agricultural methodologies that incorporate agricultural biodiversity and sovereignty including heritage seed re-introduction and cultivation, soil health regeneration and and shift to nutrient density in crop production.

The discovery of the function of nitric oxide which won the Nobel Prize in medicine gave humanity hope to conquer the deadliest disease on the planet. Scientist would soon learn nitric oxide not only regulates blood pressure and increases blood flow, but plays a vital role on the whole body system. The goal to change lives one person at a time became Cardio Miracle’s clarion call. To do this the founder, John Hewlett, embarked on a five year journey to produce the world’s finest nitric oxide supplement. Cardio Miracle’s commitment to excellence resulted in the formulation of the most effective defense against heart disease and to provide the best natural pathway to produce nitric oxide in the body. Cardio Miracle was designed to give the body an instant jolt of nitric oxide and then sustain the nitric oxide boosting effects for a 12 hour period. The highest quality ingredients were selected before this formula was put through rigorous laboratory testing to ensure efficacy, quality and sustained delivery. The end result is the most synergistic blend of mostly organic, bioavailable active ingredients.

Why won’t the CDC or FDA reveal the VAERS URF? The VAERS underreporting factor (URF) is required information to be known for any risk-benefit of assessment of a vaccine. The fact that this number was never calculated by the FDA or CDC means that all the safety recommendations to date have been by guessing. This has resulted in the needless loss of life of well over 150,000 Americans. VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. It is the official system relied upon by the FDA and CDC for adverse event tracking.  For example, if you report an adverse event in V-Safe, the app they told you about when you got vaccinated, you are told to file a VAERS report. It is essentially the mother of all adverse event reporting systems for vaccine events in the US. There is nothing more comprehensive than VAERS. The most important thing to know about VAERS is that it is always underreported. This is widely known.  To properly interpret any safety data, you must know the underreporting factor (URF).

Question of The Day!

Hi RSB and Super Don,
Thank you both for always keeping us updated on the turn of events. I have two questions I was hoping you could assist with…
1) In anticipation of the EUA coming through for age 5-11, could you provide some suggestions on what supplements to give my children who are within that age range as they will be exposed to friends and classmates who will be subjected to the innoculation? Would Copper Hydrosol support their little bodies? Anything else?
2) As we experience the supply chain shortages, I’m saving my glass containers and bottles. Question on the tincture bottles….how might I sufficiently clean them to reuse again for a different homeopathic remedy tincture?
Thank you so much!

Hi Dr Bell,
My name is Nikita and we spoke before in the past.
I am messaging you because I have been having frequent urination. I suspect it could be potentially diabetes or something going on with my kidneys.I don’t want to be put on medication. What can I do to to get past this?
Also the last time spoke I let you know about my persistent HPV. Unfortunately I still have it. I intend on taking selenium to help rid my body of this.
Thanks so much.

Attorney Who Took on Monsanto and Won, Now Suing Baby Food Makers Over Heavy Metals The latest episode of CHD.TV’s “The Empower Hour” featured host Zen Honeycutt’s interview with lawyer Brent Wisner of Baum Hedlund Law. Wisner made history serving on the first three Monsanto trials, achieving multiple verdicts totaling $2.4 billion by convincing juries that Monsanto’s glyphosate-based herbicides cause cancer. Wisner shared the latest on the Monsanto Papers, which his legal team declassified and published during the Monsanto trials. The papers revealed Monsanto’s scientific manipulation of the truth on the safety of Roundup weedkiller. Bayer, the company that makes Roundup, still claims the product is “as safe as table salt,” according to Honeycutt. Wisner described how the trial went from Monsanto controlling the entire narrative to his firm winning the fight. He said: “Monsanto was controlling most of the mainstream media. They were controlling the politicians. They were controlling the regulators, and there was this refrain evolving in the mainstream media that in fact we were a bunch of predatory trial lawyers making up stuff … “The problem was we were sitting on these documents. Hundreds of emails and internal studies that showed they knew it caused cancer and they actively attacked scientists and actively attacked people who had the nerve to say something about it. We couldn’t show it to anybody because it was confidential under the protective order.” Wisner described what he learned from reading the Monsanto Papers about a program called “Freedom to Operate,” which paid employees to find product dissenters and  “eliminate them.”

Reno Criminalizes Possessing Whips Without a Permit The political wrangling in Congress over Democrats’ multitrillion-dollar domestic agenda and continual supply chain bottlenecks have buried what should otherwise be front-page, national news: Reno, Nevada’s crackdown on whips. Earlier this month, the Reno City Council passed an ordinance that prohibits people from using or possessing whips in the city’s downtown without first obtaining a city permit. The policy is in response to an increasing number of 911 calls by people mistaking the periodic snaps and cracks of whips as gunshots. Reno City Attorney Karl Hall said that the new restrictions were commonsense whip control, reports the Reno Gazette-Journal. He stressed that the ban only applies in several downtown neighborhoods and that the archaeologists’ accessory isn’t restricted in other areas of the city where it might prove useful. A city staff report says whips have grown in popularity in recent years, with people using them “in fights, for intimidation, and to practice ‘cracking’ the whip.” Whip-related calls to police have increased 61 percent from 2019. Reno police say that the people using them “are amateurs when it comes to proper use, and it is evident they do not possess it for any intended proper use.”

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Ice Cube says NO, Supreme Court vs religious liberty, Arizona AG on vax safety, Silver Aloe protocol, Hour 2 ENCORE – Bryan Ingram, Cardio Miracle, Nitric Oxide, VAERS URF, Baby food makers sued, Whip permits and MORE!