Imabari Castle – Amazing Castle in Ehime Japan

Japan has a lot of castles; remnants of a time when having a castle meant you controlled the surrounding lands. Imabari Castle is one of the most interesting castles I have ever visited in Japan and has so much character and history that it has become one of my favourite castles I have ever visited.

Imabari Castle sakura

Imabari Castle

Originally built by Todo Takatora (interestingly I found out he also built Uwajima Castle) after being awarded the lands of Imabari by Tokugawa Ieyasu because Todo sided with him during an important battle. Like most castles in Japan, it was deconstructed during the Meiji Restoration but eventually rebuilt.

Imabari Castle entrance

Lots to see and experience

Depending on how much you want to explore and learn, This castle can easily take up many hours if not most of a day. The castle grounds have various attractions and interesting sites such as a natural science museum, various exhibitions and an observatory at the top. I really enjoyed hunting down stamps all over the castle grounds and towers to complete the set and being rewarded with a free postcard. I also made sure to get the Goshuin stamp for my collection at the shrine as well.

Imabari Castle stamp

What is your favourite Japanese castle?

Imabari Castle is definitely worth visiting whether you are doing the Shimanami Kaido, exploring Shikoku or just passing through. I was lucky to visit it in spring on a day with perfect weather and blooming cherry blossoms. Have you ever been to Imabari Castle? What is your favourite castle in Japan? Tell me in a comment below or tweet me @jamaipanese.

Imabari Castle tower

Imabari Castle musem

Imabari Castle musem Imabari Castle observatory Imabari Castle moat Imabari Castle entrance Imabari Castle sakura Imabari Castle statue Imabari Castle stamp Imabari Castle tower Imabari Castle grounds Imabari Castle map

Imabari Castle – Amazing Castle in Ehime Japan