Imperial Knight - Armiger Helverin Big Build TO DONE!

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity having gone standard with the other Helverin  I went back to the 'leaping' one to try and get it right. As you can see I didn't quite crack the pose but hopefully I can explain why.

At some point I was looking at these two options, with the foot backwards or the foot splayed forwards. I couldn't quite decide which was the better option and the practicalities of it - preventing the model from breaking or ease of transport made me rethink.

I ended up with this pose, as if it was in mid turn and it had acquired a target. It seemed so right, made more sense as a Helverin and of course it did, because it was very much still the pose of the standard model, doh! I even ended up with both Helverins being right foot forward, losing some variety.

It was really annoying, but all the faffing, cutting the legs, reposing them, splitting the toes, pinning and resculpting bits was becoming so overwhelming I just had to grit my teeth and get it done.

I'm a little disappointed I don't have one that is leaping, or even 'loping' along to give that famed impression of the Armiger's speed and 'pack hunting' behaviour. But this is a nice compromise thanks to the forward lean giving it momentum.

The greenstuff inbetween the toes is a bit ham-fisted but shouldn't be too noticeable once it's painted. Now, I'm just awaiting some black spray so I can get them primed. Naturally they'll both be based and I may even get the bronze base colours and stipple the vermillion craft acrylic on ahead of Dreadtober; that's the only way I can see them achievable in the timescale. But I won't do any more updates until then, which may leave the blog a little sparse.

Until then - Great Big Big Build BLESSED VERDIGRIS Stamp of Approval.

Source: 40kaddict

Imperial Knight - Armiger Helverin Big Build TO DONE!