Imperial Knights - House Corvus Preceptor Weapons - TO DONE!

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been #paintingwarhammer on my #ImperialKnight Preceptor weaponry and the Las-impulsor and multi-laser are complete.

Here it is attached to Ser Ellenbogen, who would most likely be my Preceptor, although even with the chevrons I think I could also put it on my Freeblade Euronymous

I love how massive this gun is, such an imposing weapon.

I didn't realise quite how much this would add to the yellow and black already on the model. 

I do fancy a Castellan at some point. I can't imagine using it but I want to paint one and add it to the army with some extra bits to make it more imposing , the resin base I've seen is £20 alone!

So the cost is a little hard to justify but it's carapace would be almost completely yellow and black, which would be a real challenge.

The Preceptor is a good choice though and gives me a reason to get the Helverins ready for Dreadtober.

I love the idea of him marshalling the impetuous little knights eager to prove themselves on the battlefield.

When I do finally play 9th edition and Knights get a new Code I hope there are some improvements to make them more playable. I think I've read there are some objectives they can't even score and there low numbers make them highly vulnerable.

I don't know whether including Armigers of any type make them more viable or you still have to ally with Adeptus Mechanicus to solve some of those issues, but I can at some point add a few of them in, which would look cool.

Here's the last Great Big Granite Stamp of Approval for Hobby Season 2020/21.

Source: 40kaddict

Imperial Knights - House Corvus Preceptor Weapons - TO DONE!