Initial This, Please!


On July 11th I will tape three more episodes in Cleveland for the PBS series, It’s Sew Easy, and I’m hard at work preparing garment projects and scripts. The scripts are certainly the more difficult of the two since there is no teleprompter and retakes are not encouraged. Plus I want to sound natural……… but not too southern…………high expectations I realize 😂

In the meantime I received the most nifty embroidery accessories from Pfaff – Metal Embroidery Hoops and  Inspira stabilizers. The hoops included the Grand Metal Hoop (240 x 150mm) and the Petite Metal Hoop (100×100 mm)

These hoops are designed to accommodate awkwardly sized or finished products that can be tricky for placement. The embroidery subjects are secured to the hoops with magnets – the strongest magnets I’ve every worked with.

In the photo below I’ve taken my picture in the reflection of an all clad pan suspended to a business card with two magnets ……


and here the magnets are suspending a heavy picture frame.


After watching a YouTube video about the hoops, I choose to embroider a few yoga mats for gifts, and I love the results.


Placing the mats on the hoops looked like this:

The first photo shows the pink mat laid over the hoop to make sure the placement is correct. Afterwards I added a filmy stabilizer on top of the mat shown in the next photo (blue mat).



I used a leather needle to embroider the mats and stabilized them on both the top and bottom. The bottom stabilizer is Tear & Wash. Although I don’t plan to wash the mats, it was perfect for the project. I used Coats and Clark Trilobal Polyester Embroidery Threads for all of the mats.


Experimenting with different monogram placements, I tried to keep the subtle nature of yoga in mind.


The metal hoops are right up my alley as I often buy or receive items that I’m tempted to monogram but cannot. When I finished the yoga mats, I couldn’t resist putting a cork bottle bag I received under the needle.


So I’ve been enlightened – I’ve discovered most any soft surface can easily be embroidered or monogrammed – all you need are the proper supplies.  Many thanks to Pfaff  – Click here to follow Pfaff’s Instagram feed of daily inspiration!

#mongrameverything 😊😊


Initial This, Please!