+ inload: Las Vegas Open reveal +

+ Regular inloaders will be aware of the... rather leisurely approach to things on + Death of a Rubricist +. I'm currently chewing my way through a breaking release boardgame from – *checks notes* – 2015, so I can't imagine too many of you pop in here for the latest breaking news. However, Games Workshop has revealed some awesome stuff at the latest Las Vegas Open day, and I wanted to froth about them a bit. +

+ Alien Wars and the Augustine Crusade +

+ The recent release of the Ambull (amongst other retrohammer goodies) should have given us all a nod that this was on its way, but I didn't think the zoat was going to look this awesome. +

+ Big scary aliens battling beleaguered Guardsmen and brave Astartes are one of the two most important and iconic themes in 40k for me (the other being the Law/Chaos split), and the reason I started The Alien Wars project [+REF: banner above to requisition further information+]. Along with the Krell that I'm working on, this Zoat is a sure-fire thing for me to pick up. Just hope the pricing is a bit less than the Ambull box... +

+ This year I'm aiming to be hobby neutral (i.e. paint more than I buy!), so while I wait for the Zoat to be released, I'll be cracking on with some new Lamb's Worlders. +

+ New aliens, after all, require new heroes to battle them; so Caef Whittaker [PICTREF: above] will need his reinforcements sooner than ever. While Whittaker here will be firmly rooted in M36, along with the Nova Terra Interregnum, the remainder of the force will be doing double-duty for the Augustine Crusade. +

+ Chocks away! +

+ Speaking of the Augustine Crusade, I was very lucky to receive Aeronautica Imperialis as a Christmas gift, so I've been enjoying putting the models together. The new models are considerably larger – perhaps an extra third or more. Since the new version is a hex-based wargame, they wouldn't be incompatible. If you've got the old models (or the still-smaller Epic metal versions), they'll work nicely. If not, I'd thoroughly recommend the new ones. The casts are crisp, and they assemble beautifully. +

+ I'd played the old card-based version of the game – it worked a little like X-wing, for those familiar with it. Long-time inloaders may recall Captain T'Moro of the Starfire Skybears [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+]. I can't decide whether to paint these up as Skybears, or go for a new, different scheme to explore the Red Hand Region. +

+ Fighta-bommas! These are hugely characterful, and mix and match very nicely. I'd thoroughly recommend building them as a pair, and swapping bits between. The turrets would magnetise nicely, too, if you've got any bits left over from Titans. +


+ Talking of Titans, news on the Specialist Games from LVO was notable by its absence. I'm assuming that's because this was just a main studio reveal, and we'll have some Specialist Games news on my beloved Adeptus Titanicus sometime around the Forge World Open Day. +

+ As the very aesthetic of the blog suggests, I've loved the Adeptus Mechanicus since the creepy Techpriest images from Rogue Trader, and while the release of the Skitarii army didn't quite get the balance between 'forbidden technology' and 'obsessive priest' right for me, the kits just keep on improving. +

+ With these cyber-cowboy Rough Riders, I think they've hooked me. I've a soft spot for cavalry, and these just look awesome! +

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+ inload: Las Vegas Open reveal +