Interview: Yoon Bo Mi On Her Chemistry With U-KISS’ Jun & Support From Apink Members

K-drama addicts, did you hear? Yoon Bo Mi (윤보미), a member of the famous K-pop girl group Apink, recently made her comeback in acting with a drama titled “Please Don’t Date Him” (제발 그 남자 만나지 마요).

The 27-year-old entertainer takes on the role as Moon Ye Seul, the youngest and the perkiest member of a group of female computer programmers (led by Song Ha Yoon’s character Seo Ji Sung) who developed an AI device to screen a potential lover.

Yoon Bo Mi

For those interested, the synopsis of the swooning rom-com reads:

“Seo Ji Sung (Song Ha Yoon) is a programmer of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) smart home appliance development team. One day, she accidentally develops an AI program called Cho Sang Shin, which identifies people with bad intentions. She uses it to ‘save people who are in a difficult relationship’. However, her life becomes entangled with Jung Kook Hee (played by U-KISS’ Jun), a firefighter who doesn’t use social media.”

Thanks to our friends from Oh!K channel, we managed to score an interview with Yoon Bo Mi herself, where she talks about her chemistry with her co-star, fellow K-pop idol Jun, as well as the undying support given by her beloved Apink members.

Check out the interview here:

1. In the drama, we can see the contrasts between the two characters – Seo Ji Sung (who is very dependent on gadgets and technologies) and Jung Kook Hee (who is very old-fashioned). Which character relates to you more? Are you the type who is dependent on current technologies (like social media) or can you live a life without technology?

I can relate with certain aspects of both characters but I’m leaning more to Ji Sung. This is because my career is quite dependent on technologies like social media but with social media there would also be baseless rumours that spread easily – that’s why I feel like I relate to her more. However, I do feel like I can definitely live without technology. It’ll not be as convenient, but I think I’ll adapt pretty quickly.

2. How was the chemistry between you and U-KISS’ Jun in the drama? Was it easy working alongside him?

We’re both quite shy when it comes to meeting strangers, so we didn’t talk much in the earlier stage. However, we got much closer as filming began. He’s very reliable and I remember him as the mischievous one on set with a cheerful personality throughout the whole filming process.

3. You previously shared how your fellow Apink members are very supportive of you in your new role. Can you share with us what kind of advice they gave you in particular?

Instead of advice – as we live together – they’ve been encouraging throughout the project and gave me presents, chocolates, and heartwarming notes. It has been very touching and I’m thankful for that.

Source: Twitter

4. Was “Please Don’t Date Him” challenging like your previous K-dramas? How was this project different in that aspect?

I feel like every production is a challenge to me. This time we’re working with an interesting story that revolves around an AI refrigerator and I feel like it’s quite different and viewers will be more curious about the subject.

5. Were there any fun and memorable moments that happened behind the scenes? 

I remember the last day we filmed, I was so happy because those who didn’t have to come on that day, since it was their off-day, still came and stayed all the way until late at night to cheer everyone on set. I was also thankful to the director – who gave me a cake and a bouquet of flowers.

Catch Yoon Bo Mi and her co-stars on “Please Don’t Date Him”, which premieres every Tuesdays at 9:40pm on Oh!K TV (Astro channel 394).

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Interview: Yoon Bo Mi On Her Chemistry With U-KISS’ Jun & Support From Apink Members