Such thoughtful comments on yesterday‘s post!

I am not finished with my wellness presentation, unfortunately. It will be given Sept 30th in whatever state it is in, but how meta that it is totally stressing me out. The presentation is being given to hospital administrators (not to physicans) and I really want it to help them understand some of the current stressors and what helps. Yet even with a dedicated lit search things seem really murky.

I hit a roadblock that the affiliate medical school library that I usually use to obtain articles started using a new system, and then had to only look at free full text publications.

(Hopefully library issue will get fixed soon.)

I think that in addition to sharing actual data/conclusions from the studies out there, I will include a few anonymous vignettes of colleagues and myself (!) on how the pandemic increased stressors that were already present (ie: childcare uncertainty, worries about job stability, infections especially pre-vaccine). That will take up some time, won’t be boring, and will bring a personal aspect to the talk . . .

Other things:

1- The new Powersheets are coming out soon! I am super into this launch for some reason. I think because I plan on using Hobonichi next year and they have no specific goal-setting content, though of course you can add your own elements.

2- Amor Towles’ new book is out: The Lincoln Highway. I loved A Gentleman In Moscow so now have another one to add to my list.

3- My Anne Bogel Reading Journal came! It’s such a cute little book. It has room for 100 entries so for me that is ~2 years. I am going to wait until 2022 to start filling in titles.

4- As of tomorrow there are 100 days left in the year (!). Fun/interesting to think about . . .

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