It's Time! Design Ideas?

 We're getting ready to move into our little house on the property with the horses. Very exciting!

Sadly, we've had a bit of a nightmare with tenants and there will need to be a bit of work done. I know there are whole lot of you out there with great design sense and I'm hoping you can point me in the direction of some inspiration. If you're just here for the horses, sorry, I've gone way off course in this post. Stay and have a little tour of my house circa 2010-ish? ;)

I don't have the heart at the moment to post what the place currently looks like. I'm so sad and honestly I'm in a place mentally where all I can see is what's 'wrong' and can only get as far in my thought process as how to make it look like it did, when in fact it's been almost 20 years and I'd like some updated choices. It's a 1920's cottage type house that I completely gutted and redid in 2005-ish. 

Here are a few pictures from a few years ago to give you a basic idea what I'm working with and what the original paint choices and style looked like (furnishings and decor are a previous tenants). I'm mostly sure the floors can be refinished and won't be replaced, but most everything else is up for replacement - appliances, kitchen cabinetry, even some interior doors will need replacing. Basement is getting completely gutted, with master bed and bath plus a TV room being added there. Loft isn't full height (maybe 6' at center) so it's more for storage and I'm not too concerned about the damage done up there.  Exterior paint colors are the only thing I know I have sorted - the non shingled part is going to be stained bluey-green to match the barn ;)

Front door into living room

also living room. Would green be a good color choice?

Dining room. We never eat at a table, so future office if we put the french doors back on this opening? Definitely not liking the grey anymore, would like something beachy or warmer feeling.

Kitchen. Red tile is dated? Or do we keep it? If we can save the wood countertops we will. Layout likely remains the same, it's functional for a smaller kitchen.

Actually my favorite room because there's another window on the wall to the left that looks out over the horses :) It's on the small side, maybe a 12'x12' and has no closet space, so will be a spare/guest bedroom with a queen size bed. 

OK, I'm actually a fan of the tub looking over the horses, this bathroom might have to just be redone the same. (Means the basement bathroom will have a tiled shower because clawfoot tub showers are awkward at best lol)

The front porch stays as is, just needs a stain choice for the underside of the roof and some major cutting back of shrubberies that have taken it over since this picture.
So, favorite resources for home design and inspiration? I'm kind of wanting to walk the line between respecting the house's age but also making it look fresh.

It's Time! Design Ideas?