It’s Time to Banish the Microtrend

With the rise of social media, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends – especially with the concept of micro-trends. This unique type of style is usually considered ‘in’ for just a few months, until the next shiny new trend is discovered. With the patterns that defined summer of 2021 gone with the wind, you can’t help but wonder what these influencers will do with their 100+ so called ‘out-of-date’ clothing pieces. Donating seems like a viable option, however, some thrift stores have seen an influx in low-quality pieces – many of which are destined for the landfill. When influencers normalize micro-trends, it benefits fast fashion giants such as Shein and Fashion Nova, as they have the resources needed to produce these micro-trends quickly. In the meantime, sustainable companies with ethical practices are pushed to the side. 

It’s time to banish the micro-trend. By encouraging individuality through fashion, I believe we might be able to achieve that. Let’s look at one positive aspect about the rise of fast fashion: the amount of style one can choose from – and I don’t mean on their websites, but through second-hand stores which have no affiliation with the fashion giants. For bold pieces in your wardrobe, take a stroll to your local volunteer thrift store. This way, you’re committing to slower fashion while supporting a beneficial organization!

What about staple pieces? Some items in your closet may get worn often, such as that perfect-fitting turtleneck to your Levi’s 501 jeans, but by avoiding impulse purchases through fast fashion giants, you’ll have a bit more pocket money to invest in high-quality, environmentally beneficial pieces. A great way to find these staples is through good on you, an organization that rates many slow fashion companies based on their environmental impact (some of our faves such as Aritzia and Lululemon have a ‘not good enough’ rating). With many small clothing companies featuring a ‘great’ rating with the website above, you can find pieces unique to you, while supporting small businesses and the planet. 

Have you noticed the rise in micro-trends? Be sure to keep them in mind when browsing social media!

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It’s Time to Banish the Microtrend