It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Historians will not look favorably upon Donald Trump. His biography will include examples of authoritarianism and fascism, an impeachment for cheating to steal an election, a military attack on peaceful protestors, disrespect for the United States military, and a loathing for people of color and the sick, poor, and needy. His enduring mark will be that he forever degraded the country’s image. Not even David McCullough could capture the foolishness and savagery of these four years.

Democratic voters and fed up Republicans donned their best Muhammed Ali costume for Halloween for a final knockout blow as they pummeled the King of Voter Suppression into the ropes. Fresh off his quid pro quo conviction, Trump lashed out at the Twitterverse that nobody will manufacture evidence to support his debunked voter fraud claims. Rudy zipped up his pants to tow the family line, but the repeat episode of victimhood landed with the appeal of a Jar Jar Binks spinoff. Even Trump’s DHS and Republican election officials have confirmed the absence of fraud.

Trump’s legacy will be hundreds of thousands of Americans unnecessarily killed, overwhelmed hospitals, and millions of people unemployed because his ego and gross incompetence prevented him from deferring to medical experts and selecting an experienced cabinet. He chose to protect his stock portfolio and private properties over people’s lives and property. Surrounded by groveling sycophants instead of qualified personnel, Americans paid for his decisions with their lives, jobs, and savings.  

Although America’s divider in chief continues to fight the inevitable, his con game is running out of gas, coal, and oil. Without evidence to support his voter fraud claims, Trump will swear himself in on Inauguration Day, replete with a massive crowd of sports stadium human cardboard cutouts. But before the Secret Service removes him, he will end centuries of tradition by refusing to peacefully transfer power in one last-ditch effort to erode our institutions and stall President-elect Biden’s good-faith effort to unite the country. 

QAnon’s favorite son has handled his defeat without dignity because he has none. Born and raised without coping skills, he has no respect for fairness or the democratic process and always puts his interests ahead of the country. President-elect Biden focuses squarely on consensus-building and solutions without attacking people or heaping attention on himself. Americans got a taste of it during his recent speech on the coronavirus, and the nation sighed collectively at the normalcy.

As the world battles some of its most pressing problems, Trump has been playing golf, watching his favorite FOX News acolytes, firing people he hates, and gaslighting the country. A real American hero. Perhaps for one last hurrah on his Farewell Superspreader Tour, he can revisit the CIA’s Memorial Wall and bemoan how the media mistreats him. A true patriot. 

America’s looter in chief has the moral discipline of an escaped prisoner in a bank vault. He lost the election by an electoral and popular vote landslide. Yet, he continues to fundraise for his pity party and make baseless claims about voter fraud because nothing on Trump’s show requires evidence. But the world’s most giant snowflake has run out of options. While he bullies puppets Barr and Pompeo to carry his dictator-stained laundry, and while terrified Republicans in Congress continue to erode democratic norms by putting a collar around their neck and giving Trump the leash, President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris continue their preparations to rescue the nation.

The end of Trump is upon us. The gaslighting and pathological lying are over. The environmental deregulations are over. Socialism for corporate billionaires and handouts and jobs for his grifting family are over. The appointing of inexperienced political hacks and loyalists to head departments is over. The bulldozing of our institutions is over. The crimes and claims to absolute power are over. The attacks on women, people of color, the poor, the sick, the military, the elderly, the LGBTQ community, and special needs populations are over. The rudderless, aesthetics-only, dictator-embracing foreign policy is over. The constitution trampling is over. He’ll continue to whine about how everyone mistreated him and bring out the worst in his followers because it’s his character, but the election is over. 

It’s impossible to overstate the significance of this victory. In a second term, Trump would have gone full Duterte, Erdogan, Jinping, Jong-un, and Bolsonaro. His State Department, Justice Department, and Republican toadies in Congress would have let him run roughshod over the U.S. Constitution. This win uprooted the seeds of authoritarianism and forced Trump to retreat to his bottom feeders, Russian bots, internet trolls, and coronavirus superfans. As he embarks on a new search for President Obama’s birth certificate, Secretary Clinton’s lost emails, and Hunter Biden’s unpaid dry cleaner bills, the country will move on.

It’s a new day in America. We averted a fatal threat to democracy. It’s time for a new reality show based on facts and science and rooted in experience, intelligence, humility, and compassion. It’s time to relegate Donald Trump to the failed-authoritarian trash heap of history. It’s time for America’s most famous failed businessman to face charges for campaign finance violations, tax evasion, real estate fraud, sexual assault, and rape. It’s time to liberate the White House. It’s time to say goodbye.

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It’s Time to Say Goodbye