ITSM Crowd 52 – ITIL 4 Deep Dive

With ITIL 4 now live, we invited author Stuart Rance, product ambassador Akshay Anand and consultant and trainer Doug Tedder to give some insight into the key concepts of the latest version of ITIL.

In the latest episode of the ITSM Crowd, we took the opportunity to have a deeper dive into the ITIL 4 content. Now the manual is available to purchase and ITIL training is live, we're free to discuss the contents in more detail and look at what they mean for IT service management organizations and practitioners.

Author Stuart Rance talked us through some of the ITIL 4 key concepts, including:

  • The Service Value System
  • Service Value Chain
  • Value Streams

You can read more detail from Stuart in this Sysaid blog "Everything you officially need to know about ITIL 4".

ITIL product ambassador Akshay Anand explained some of the background to ITIL 4, including technology changes and new ways of working being adopted in the service management and IT domains.

Doug Tedder, ITSM trainer and consultant, also joined us to share his feedback on ITIL 4 so far and share the concepts he found most interesting.

You can watch the episode below, and ask follow up questions to our panel using the hashtag 'ITSMCrowd' on twitter.

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ITSM Crowd 52 – ITIL 4 Deep Dive