IVE's Gaeul on Dream Concert, what is this?


What happened to her hairstyle, makeup, and outfit...? Why did they bleach her hair...?? It doesn't suit her that it shocked me...


1. [+192][-3] She looks the prettiest with dark, short-medium hair. And yet they did the total opposite. She didn't suit the two-tone hair she had during their debut days as well. I wonder why do they keep styling her in the weirdest way possible?

2. [+166][-12] IVE's hairstyle, makeup, and outfits overall were just not it today. Ahn Yujin's style looked weird as well. 

3. [+144][-5] She looked so f*cking gorgeous with warm-toned short hair. Why did they do this to her?

4. [+98][-1] Why does their company keep doing this to the girls? They've been giving the girls weird contact lenses to wear. In Gaeul's case, her eyes don't suit bright-colored lenses. They're just messing with the girls. They also need to stop making Jang Wonyoung wear bright-colored lenses.

5. [+75][-0] She suits this kind of style

6. [+63][-4] She looks really beautiful with dark hair color, though...

7. [+53][-2] Out of topic but her eye shape is so freaking pretty...
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IVE's Gaeul on Dream Concert, what is this?