Manly Monday

Vidock: Handsome Neighs EveryFriend! I am happy to tell you that #1's aloe vera gel worked and my nose ouchie is all better (as is Violette's).

I had a visit last week from a friend of #1's who thought I was a really handsome dude. So what's new? Here I am, being admired:

When this picture of me and my lady love, Aral, was taken, I still had a mostly black nose:

Ollie: #1 is trying to manage my foot ouchie but I confess I am not being very cooperative and I try to lick through the sock/boot. She is not pleased! And then yesterday, she got up really early to take me for a run in the fields before it got hot:

I had a great time, but when I got back, I was covered in burs. Poor #1...

Genji: I am ouchie free for the moment but I am upset wth #1 because she keeps stealing my lizards! It is totally not fair!

I'm going to have a serious think about how to keep them away from her...

As a bonus this week, Mr. G sent us some nice pics of our cousin, Tora-Chan. Look how handsome he is! He is the same age as our Beebs


Source: thepoupounette

Manly Monday