A Personal Note: My Fitness and Freedom Journey

I’ve never shared this before. But as the terrible year of the pandemic draws to a close, I felt I HAD to.

There are important lessons to be learned for all readers of this blog, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a coach. It’s all about getting out of your comfort zone to make big things happen.

And it’s equally true for building your business or building your body.

The picture above is me, kicking my feet up on the balcony of a hotel in San Diego, California on November 19th, 2015.

24 hours before this I took this picture, I had quit my job at a Denver gym and promptly booked a trip to San Diego.

So, why book a trip to spend a few days by myself?

Because I was free.

Truth is, I never started training online to make tons of money, have a “following” or employees.

I didn’t want to have anyone telling me what I could do, when I could do it, or control my income.

When I took the plunge, I didn’t have a safety net. But I had guts to persevere and mentors to guide me.

And now I’m paying it forward with both my fitness and business clients.

My big message is to control what you can control, and let go of the rest.

Everything I know about business and life, I learned in the gym. Persistence pays. And you need to get on your sets and reps. Keep working, even when you reach a plateau. 

If you’re a fitness professional and have the guts, I can provide the guidance. Here are six reasons to stop working for someone else and go all-in on building your own online business.

Reason #1: You Are Paid Less Than You Are Worth 

As an employee or independent contractor you are making money for someone else’s business. In order for any company to make money, they need to pay you less than you generate for them.  

If they did not pay you less than you are worth, they would lose money and would go out of business. This is business 101.

Reason #2: The Company Is Trying To Automate Your Position

I remember the first gym I ever worked at. 

They went through a management change and were trying to increase profits. They hired an outside consulting firm to “generate” workouts and a class schedule, resulting in automated workouts and low pay for trainers. The goal?

Make the position as automated as possible. Decrease your value. Then hire someone or a system cheaper than you.

Reason #3: Everyone Is Replaceable 

Don’t kid yourself.  If Peyton Manning can get cut by the Colts then go win another MVP and Super Bowl in Denver, you can be replaced

Reason #4: Relying On Someone Else Is Financial Prison


If you rely on someone else, you end up resenting that person. You don’t feel your value is being appreciated. And you end up resenting the person. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting you quit tomorrow. But start building your own business today. Get it to the point where it covers your basic costs of living.

The freedom you get knowing your expenses are paid 100% by you will liberate you. You’ll you’ll never want to go back to working for someone else.

Reason #5: You Create Implied Opportunity Costs

Opportunity cost is the loss of potential gain (from your business) by choosing to work for someone else.

Once you start to make money for yourself every minute working for someone else is taking time and money away from building what you  REALLY want: a freedom-based online business.

Reason #6: The Best Time To Start Was Yesterday. The Next Best Is Today

Let me give you a quick rundown on what it’s been like for me.

2011 fresh out of college:  I started dabbling in online business with no plan and voila, no income from it. Training everyone I could in person.

In 2012:  I hired my first mentor and generated my first clients for $100/month. Trained everyone I could in person. Got married, but was broke as hell.

In 2013:  I hit my “Freedom” number and could pay my bills with online training while working 50+ hours in the gym. Trained everyone I could in person.

In 2014: I started writing for T-Nation and bodybuilding.com. Business took off. Trained everyone I could in person, but my days were 4:00 AM to 8:00 PM. 

In 2015: Fully self-employed. And my crooked accountant (who ended up in prison) stole over $50,000 form me… just two weeks after I went all-in. If I can build a business with crippling debt, you can build your business now.

In 2016: Making good money online. Start getting invites for speaking gigs and people start contacting me, asking for business coaching.  Bach Business Coaching is born.

In 2017: Wife hates job, so we decide to move across the country to Georgia. Lauren starts own business and we buy our first house.

In 2018:  Fitness and Business coaching businesses are both moving along, generating more money than I ever thought possible. My reaction? Harness the skills I’ve already mastered and start a real estate business on the side.

2019: Fitness and coaching businesses explode and real estate business grows. My response?  Start a fourth business in e-commerce to make money while I sleep.

In 2020: Become a father and finally get serious about work/life balance. Increase income by 50% while working 30% fewer hours.

My Point In All This?

It’s not to boast. It’s just to confess:
I had no idea what to do when I started.

But I had a dream of being free.

Acting on that dream when money was tight, and I didn’t have all the answers was what got the ball rolling.

My key step was getting the mentorship I needed, even when it was a financial stretch. After all, I thought…

If I’m struggling to pay my bills now, that’s not going to change unless I work to develop the skills needed to earn more money and eventually, freedom.


My mindset expanded to see the infinite possibilities of entrepreneurship.

I learned the crucial freedom skills of copywriting, sales, and persuasion.

I stopped wasting time spinning my wheels and got proven success plans and the accountability to follow through.

I know taking the risk is scary. I’ve been there.

But I can tell you with 100% certainty, the bigger risk is delaying your dreams and waiting until you have all the answers to get started.

May I offer to do for you what I did for myself…with the right help along the way? 

Let’s talk. Please book a time to chat here:



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A Personal Note: My Fitness and Freedom Journey