Armeena Khan lashes out at Shaniera Akram for ‘gaslighting’ her

It appears that actor Armeena Khan has a bone to pick with  Shaniera Akram. In a series of tweets some of which that have now been deleted, Armeena lashed out at the social activist over an old spat between the two.

The Janaan actor initially called out Shaniera for blocking her instead of taking down a particular tweet.

“Wow, unfollows me quietly, could dish it out to me but couldn’t take it back. I knew she was going to do it. Lady, you’re just another woman with a white saviour complex. I asked her to take the tweet down nicely and she didn’t when I deleted mine,” Armeena said.

armeena tweet one deleted

Moving on, Armeena retweeted an old post about mental health awareness by Shaniera, accusing the latter of not walking the talk.

” Did you care about mine when you could see that I was being dogpiled on by your followers and I kept asking you to take it down? You didn’t and you allowed me to receive abuse,” Armeena said.

While the Sherdil actor didn’t explicitly mention the tweet in question, she did hint that it had something to do with Shaniera making light of the former’s fear of Geckos some months back.

“Imagine someone gaslighting you over your phobias and telling you how to feel. Like, go away why don’t you? And then an ego the size of a building. Loser!” Armeen had posted after unfollowing Shaniera.

At the time Armeena had posted about her fear of geckos. Shaniera threw shade at her by ridiculing the phobia in general.

Furthermore, Armeena talked about how the majority of the public might not support her in this conflict.

“Lol, in Pakistan? Dude, I’m brown and you know what the public is like. So, feel free to choose sides. I don’t mind. I know how this ends anyway,” she said.

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Armeena Khan lashes out at Shaniera Akram for ‘gaslighting’ her